Logitech’s MX Master 2S wireless mouse is 50% off. I recommend it because I have bought it twice, there is no doubt about it # Amazon Black Friday 2022 | Gizmodo Japan

Amazon’s Black Friday Sale is now on!

A mouse that can be anything.

Wandering around on Black Friday, I discovered something amazing. Logitech’s timeless classic mouse”MX MASTER 2S”, but50% off! It is highly recommended not only as a replacement for the mouse you are currently using, but also as a spare mouse.

The reference price of 15,730 yen is the selling price7,900 yenIt becomes This model is still popular since it appeared in 2017 as the top of the MX series. I bought it when it was first released and used it, but it got worse after a while, so I bought it again when it was cheaper. It was so comfortable to use.

This well-balanced mouse is a popular model that often sells out. Don’t miss the half price opportunity!

* The content displayed as prices is as of the time of writing. There is a possibility of change, so check the sales page.


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