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ESPN looks back at the 10 biggest accomplishments of the season

Pitcher Shohei Ohtani of the Angels had 15 wins and 34 home runs this season. The US sports station ESPN looked back at 10 great achievements this season as “the achievement site of MLB’s ultimate unique star, Ohtani”.

“He is a unicorn of unicorns. To tell the story of one of the most exciting and amazing players in modern professional sports, we follow his 2022 achievements from the inspiring to the believable,” the station said. ,” he listed the astonishing numbers. (Pre-match numbers are at 6th Japan time)

1. .275 batting average, .357 on-base percentage, .524 slugging percentage, 34 homers, 94 RBI, 11 stolen bases

2.15 wins, 8 losses, 2.35 ERA, 161 innings, 123 hits, 43 walks, 213 strikeouts, 14 home runs

3. .323 batting average, .449 on-base percentage, .798 slugging percentage, 12 homers in 127 at-bats in the scoring range

4. WAR 9.3 accounts for 32.29% of the Angels team total

5. After June 9th (10th Japan time), the pitcher’s record is 12 wins and 4 losses, 1.66 ERA, 113 2/3 innings, 79 hits, 32 walks, 148 strikeouts, 6 home runs, and a batting average the opponent is . 193. , .252 on-base percentage, .267 slugging percentage, 12 out of 18 pitches allowed 1 run or less

6. Average fastball velocity of 97.3 miles (about 156.6 kilometers) is third fastest among all starting pitchers, and fastball velocity of 119.1 miles (about 191.7 kilometers) is third fastest among all hitters.

7.34 home runs, 10th in the majors, 213 strikeouts, 6th in the majors

8. OPS .882 ranks ninth in the majors, and 2.35 ERA ranks sixth among pitchers who pitched more than 150 innings.

9. In June, he started the game with 8 RBIs and 13 strikeouts in two consecutive games.

10. In batting and pitching, Ohtani has been involved in 1295 plate appearances this season. The closest player was 886

The performance following last season, when he won the unanimous MVP, is reflected in these numbers. “It’s hard to say what Ohtani has accomplished in 2022,” the station said. No, on the contrary, it’s getting better.”

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