López Obrador: “The number of homicides could not be decreased”

This Friday morning, the Secretary of Security, Alfonso Durazo, gave a balance of the crime rates in the country and supported the strategy of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

We don’t sing victory as long as crimes continue to occur in the country, but it indicates the success of the strategy that the president has undertaken, “said Durazo.

From the National Palace in the traditional morning conference, the official showed the homicide figures, which in March reached a maximum in the last nine months.

The head of the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection said that the crime of intentional homicide is already “in the containment phase”, Although the reports“ present ups and downs ”.

Durazo said that from January to March 2020 the incidence of intentional homicide increased in Chihuahua, Guanajuato, Colima, Quintana Roo, Michoacán and Sonora, this compared to the same period of 2019.

The case of Guanajuato stands out, the entity with the highest number of cases of intentional homicide, while Colima registers the highest rate of cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The femicides, which in February detonated a series of national demonstrations due to a series of tragic events, have been difficult to contain, said Durazo. He accepted that “there is an important challenge”, because although it is in the “reduction phase”, the authorities “must do more.”

Regarding the Guanajuato case, López Obrador pointed out that the escalation of violence is independent of the economic growth figures registered by Bajío.

“There is coordination (with Guanajuato), what happens is that there are states in which time ago there has been more criminal incidence. Yesterday we were talking about the case of Guanajuato, about how it is not enough to achieve economic growth, because Guanajuato is one of the states with the most economic growth, sustained, they went to establish assembly plants, there is an automotive industry, auto parts, growth, even employment, however It is the state with the most violence, this has to do with other causes, inequality, growth is not synonymous with well-being, that is clear, “he said.

López Obardor insisted on criticizing the economic model of the predecessor administrations. “And those are the paradigms that are being destroyed with the global crisis of neoliberalism, it was thought that growth was equal to well-being and not necessarily. Another is the degree of complicity that exists between criminals and authorities. ”

There are state governments that apply moreWhere there is growth and there is well-being and there is no corruption. Or there are states where there is no growth, there is no well-being, but they are not so bad in violence because there is no corruption, ”he said.

López Obrador equated Quintana Roo and Yucatán, neighboring states, with different levels of violence and economic development.

“The case of Yucatan, for example, had low growth rates until recently, now it is growing little, nothing to do with the growth of Quintana Roo, up to 6% prolonged. Yucatan no, 1%. However, Yucatan is one of the safest states, with less violence, it does not have, until recently it began to grow, progress in the economic field, but it has preserved its levels of well-being and above all that there has been no overflow of corruption, I can say that the current Yucatan government is characterized by honesty, “he said.

The president accepted that the crime of homicide could not be contained and blamed organized crime groups that “continue to fight for the squares.” López Obrador reiterated his call for criminals to lay down their weapons. “You might think I’m naive but no,” he added.

The President insisted on defending his philosophy in the fight against insecurity.

“We are right for our convictions to put aside the neoliberal model from the beginning. From the beginning we said ‘violence is not fought with violence’... we said ‘peace and tranquility are fruits of justice’, so we have been serving the poorest from the beginning, so much support has never been given to the poor. “

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