Mae Fah Luang caravan extraction Carry 9 Chinese call center gangs to the city

Mae Fah Luang’s car extraction Carried 9 Chinese call center gangs to the city

On September 26, officers of the Royal Thai Army, M. 2, 1st Commander, Snatch, M. 3, Pha Muang Forces established a checkpoint at the extraction point along the border between Thailand and Myanmar In the area of ​​Lise Village, Moo 9 , Mae Fah Luang Sub-District, Mae Fah Luang District, Chiang Rai Province, to prevent illegal acts Later, the officers found a black Isuzu pickup, registration number B Kor 3198, Chiang Rai, driving down the mountain, going to the ground level, giving Nayut a signal to find the driver named Thanaphon. Wiset Jarurot, 48 years old, lives in Moo 9, Mae Fah Luang Subdistrict and is also in Kamnan in Mae Fah Luang Subdistrict Like Thai people and use Chinese to communicate, when the staff ask, they cannot communicate in Thai .

Officers then asked to check and it emerged that all 9 men were Chinese nationals who had just fled to the city. Tachileik Province Myanmar, near Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai Province by escaping through the white cliff channel. Myanmar next to Lise village then contact the leader to take them to pick them up in order to continue the journey to Mueang Chiang Rai Tan later, there was a car to pick them up at the border and take them to Mr Thanaphon to drive him until he met that military officer. Officials asked to check the luggage of all Chinese people, found 45 mobile phones and many credit cards. and some cash

Initial inquiries were that they all work in telephone networks or use online media to persuade people to invest or call center gangs. They are based in neighboring countries and have fled to Thailand. But he was intercepted by Thai military officers first The military officers informed the Immigration Detention, while the Kamnan Yu inquired and informed the relevant authorities for further legal action.

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