[Mae yna ffilm]Multiple FoodPanda drivers stole eight orders in two weeks and set up bait to attack the takeaway thieves

Hong Kong thieves have emerged one after another, and recently even the takeaways of takeaway drivers have become targets. The Facebook group “Hong Kong Cavaliers” uploaded a video stating that eight food distribution events took place in the Hung Choi Village area within two weeks. In order to catch the thief, a group of FoodPanda riders said that “relying on others is worse than relying on yourself”, successfully caught a man stealing a lunch box, and called the police.

As seen in the video, two delivery drivers were ambushing in different places. One of them said, “This camouflage has just entered Jinyun Tower, and it has just arrived in his pocket. He should go upstairs and wait there before he comes out. .” The driver was wearing camouflage. After more than ten seconds, the man in the shirt wandered around the motorcycle, then went to the motorcycle and stole the lunch box hanging on the motorcycle with one hand. The biker who was ambushing immediately shouted, “Yes, see, take the (lunch box), do something!”

The police drew attention to the fact that at around 11 o’clock yesterday morning, when a 41-year-old takeaway driver called Lu was delivering food upstairs on Hongmei Road, Caihong Village, a 62-year-old man from the District name brought the lunch box forward. his motorbike Caught, arrested on suspicion of theft and taken to the police station for investigation.

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