‘Maknae’ Dong-ju Moon, stopped the home Daejeon SSG championship ceremony [MK대전]

Moon Dong-ju, the youngest member of the Hanwha Eagles squad, prevented the opposing team SSG Landers from celebrating the championship in the home room.

Dong-ju Moon started in the regular season game against SSG at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 3rd and recorded 7 hits in 5 innings, 7 hits, 8 strikeouts, 8 strikeouts, and 4 runs (3 earned runs ), earning her first win since her professional debut.

In addition, Hanwha defeated SSG 7-4 and managed to escape the quagmire of 6 straight losses, recording 45 wins, 2 draws and 95 losses in the season. SSG, who were about to win the championship, lost the day and the confirmation of the championship had to be postponed until the next game.

picture explanationDong-ju Moon, the youngest member of the Hanwha Eagles, prevented SSG Landers from holding a victory ceremony in the home game. Photo = Reporter Cheon Jeong-hwan

If Dong-Joo Moon didn’t become the winning pitcher that day, Hanwha might have to watch someone else’s victory ceremony in the home room. Before the game, coach Subero said, “There is no particular order,” and expressed his determination to play healthy baseball in terms of content, rather than focusing on preventing SSG from winning that day and securing the championship.

Nevertheless, it was not comfortable to watch the championship feast from the point of view of the squad that finished last this season, or the Hanwha home fans, who had only two home games left, including that day.

And Dong-Joo Moon stopped this unfortunate (?). From the start of the game, he hit SSG’s impressive line with a ball.

Although he allowed nearly every day on base, he combined for 36 fastballs with a top speed of 157km and an average speed of 152km, 23 pitches for curves, 12 pitches for a slider, 5 pitches for a changeup, and 4 pitches for two-game fastball, leading to that. in the most even games in a game since his debut, he cut out shots and blocked SSG’s attack.

Moon Dong-ju had a hit in the first inning and was pushed to 1st and 3rd base safely, but escaped the first crisis by striking out, striking out, and walking the next three batters.

The second was the same. Kang-min Kim walked, Sung-han Park was very popular, and Sung-hyun allowed Kim to walk, and he was driven to the center once again. However, Dong-Joo Moon managed to escape the crisis with just one run as he drew a stroke against Jae-Won Lee.

Episode 3 was the saddest scene of the day. After conceding a pound to Choi Ji-hoon, the 130km change thrown to Choi Joo-hwan was a bit flat and vague as he entered the course, resulting in a better two-run home run. Moon Dong-ju, who gave up a hit to Han Yu-seom after a shortstop error, allowed the runner to advance with a ground ball and then hit Seong-han Park with a timely double to drive in the first run, giving him his fourth run (3 runs). The 4th and 5th innings were neatly blocked with a three way tee beom. At the beginning of the 4th inning, Tae-gon Oh struck out a swing, Ji-hoon Choi with a ball in center field, and Joo-hwan Choi with a catcher strike not out, respectively, and ended the inning.

In the 5th inning, Moon Dong-ju also finished the day’s pitching by striking out Choi Jeong with a swing, Han Yoo-seom with a ground ball, and Kim Kang-min with a swing swing.

After the game, Hanwha Eagles manager Carlos Subero said, “Congratulations on Moon Dong-ju’s first win. Although he conceded 4 runs, he learned from the situation and managed to overcome the crisis well and get the win.”

Director Subero said, “I saw a bright future for Moon Dong-ju in that part,” and expressed great anticipation for Moon Dong-ju’s future performances.

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