MAKRO appeared a large lot, more than 6 billion baht Keep an eye on selling more stocks, free float, carpet installation in SET50

Reporters report that today (November 23, 2022) is a summary of trading on the stocks of the big board (The big lot). Siam Makro Public Company Limited or MAKRO 2 items, volume 160 million shares or 1.51% of total shares, total value 6.04 billion baht, average price 37.75 baht per share, which is 3.8% lower than the trading board

MAKRO stock price closed today at 39.25 baht, 1.50 baht or 3.97%, the highest at 39.50 baht, the lowest at 37.25 baht, trading value at 7.37 billion baht.

It is worth noting that this Big Lots program Sale of shares from MAKRO’s main shareholders according to the plan to increase the share of minority shareholders (Free Float) up to 15% in order to meet the selection criteria for calculation in the SET50 and SET100 indices.

Previously, at the beginning of September 2022 Saowaluck Thithaphan The CEO of Makro Wholesale Business Group, MAKRO revealed that the MAKRO management team is in the process of proposing to MAKRO’s main shareholders to consider increasing stock liquidity (Free Float) to 15%, which is necessary for main shareholders in the Charoen Pokphand Group . consider selling their shares. to make MAKRO share more liquid It meets the criteria that the company wants to do in the DJSI Index calculations and become a sustainable company. Which still has to wait for the consideration of the main shareholders of the company.

Major shareholder structure

number list of shareholders Number of shares (shares) % share
1. CP All Public Company Limited 3,699,728,100 34.97
2. Siam Makro Holding (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 2,640,302,800 24.95
3. Charoen Pokphand Holding Company Limited 1,872,132,145 17.69
4. CP Marketing Company Limited 936,066,072 8.85
5. MAYBANK SECURITY PTE. LTD. 86,728,000 0.82
6. UOB KAY HIAN (HONG KONG) LIMITED – Client Account 77,583,500 0.73
7. Thai NVDR Company Limited 50,154,414 0.47
9. Prinya Thienworn Mr 30,000,000 0.28
10. NCBTRUST LIMITED – NORGES BANK 33 27,947,500 0.26

Source: SET (Overview of shareholder information on 23/08/2022)

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