Mamoru Oshii’s new trailer for the animation “King of Fire Hunting” is scheduled to start airing on January 14, 23_Human_Black Forest_Balrog

Original title: Mamoru Oshii animation plans “King of Fire” new trailer is scheduled to start broadcasting on January 14, 23

Mamoru Oshii’s new trailer for the animation “King of Fire” is scheduled to begin airing on January 14, 23

Mamoru Oshii is the planning screenwriter, and Junji Nishimura is the director of the new original animation “The King of Fire Hunting”.

• “The King of Fire Hunting” is adapted from the fantasy novel written by Rieko Hinata It tells the world after the final human war. The land is covered by the black forest, and humans can only survive on a small amount of land. protected by barriers. Humans invaded by pathogens will burn as long as they are close to a natural fire, and can only be collected by hunting the black monster “Blaze” that lives in the depths of the black forest’ the only fire that can be used safely.

Thus was born a profession that specialized in hunting Balrogs for fire, and the legend of the best among them, “King of Fire Hunting”, was spoken of. The story focuses on Toko, an 11-year-old girl who grew up in a village, and Koshi, a 15-year-old boy who lives in the capital.

• New trailer for “King of Hunting Fire” TV animation:

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