Many have blocked payment cards from the bird. The reason is the insolvency of the German company Wirecard, vn found herself due to

One of the biggest financial scandals in China Nmecka impact on many Czechs, they can not pay with their cards.

Payment cards issued spolenost Wirecard they are from the public block office. The company is after revealing a wide range of needs in insolvency. The British government also revoked its banking license, it is also not possible to use payment cards, which were through Wirecardu vyvny. After revoking the toti card license Wirecard disconnected the worldwide key of card companies from their systems Visa a MasterCard.

Therefore, from the public afternoon, for example, thousands of cards of the domestic startup Twisto, which provides mainly deferred payments on the Internet, have been operating. et u Twista m 140 thousand people. Fidoo payment cards also have problems, dealing with corporate finance, which belongs to the group of the domestic insurance company Direct.

Pes Wirecard the payment terminal also works O2 eCash, which does not accept credit cards. Spolenost Wirecard vyhlsila insolvency and on June 26 2020 at 18:00 we informed that the provision of the service of receiving payments by card, which is used by some customers of the service, will be suspended soon. O2 eKasa, a svm client company.

V cel Europe may because of the soil Wirecardu The card today will block millions of people.

Collapse Wirecardu began last week, when auditors told him that the firm had errors in the transfer of over 50 billion crown, which at the same time showed in its ethnicity. due to the scandal, the head of the financial regulator of BaFin.


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