Many times during the night I said to my Adhi Siju; His confidence gave me courage – Saiju Kurup

Many times during the night I said to my Adhi Siju; The confidence he gave me gave me courage: Saiju Kurup

Saiju Kurup is once again coming in front of the fans as an important character in the film Saturday Night directed by Roshan Andrews. Fans are waiting for a great role from Saiju Kurup, who handles comedy and serious roles. In an interview with Grihalakshmi, Saiju Kurup talks about some of the efforts he made for the film Saturday Night and about Siju Wilson who gave him confidence when he was afraid to dance.

‘I’m generally backwards when it comes to performing dance scenes in films. I doubt I can do it. By the time the dancing scenes arrive, there will be nervousness coming out of nowhere. If someone who knows dance is looking at the steps during rehearsals, the whole thing becomes stressful.

After knowing that there was a dance scene in the movie Saturday Night, I became full of tension. Doubt it will be a losing game. I shared my Adhi with Siju several times during the night. Indeed, Siju’s confidence gave me courage that day.

If there is a naturalness to my steps today and a jitter that is not so bad, full credit goes to Siju. The courage given by joining together was so great. That’s when I realized how much a friend can encourage us. Siju Wilson is a mother of my heart,’ said Saiju.

Saiju said that people realize who and what they really are when they join some gang.

I did five films with Siju. How many times have you spoken? The details of the film have been informed. Ate together. But I realized that Siju can troll people so beautifully and make fun of people when I came to the set of this film where Siju and Nivin were together.

Nivin and Siju are friends since childhood. Siju became a different person after joining Niv (laughs), says Saiju. With this, Siju’s ridiculous comment said that Saiju Chetan was destroyed in the film and Chetan is Mithun Chakraborty tomorrow.

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