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– Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Multiplayer Trailer

If you are looking for a game that you can play with your friends, your eyes will be drawn to FPS games. Unlike MMORPGs, which take a lot of time, FPS games can be enjoyed in a short period of time as long as the time is right.

I recently played Apex Legends on my acquaintance’s recommendation. However, being a game that has been released for some time, the game was scrapped due to the technology called ‘Standing Steps’. After leaving Apex Legends away and enjoying a break and a mobile game, I heard the news that ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Ⅱ (hereinafter referred to as Modern Warfare Ⅱ)’ is holding an open beta test. At the same time, my acquaintance was looking for someone to join me, so I contacted him and waited for the test day.

The Call of Duty series is a game developed by Infinity Ward, a famous FPS game company, and it is a famous masterpiece that no one who enjoys FPS games knows about. The reporter had fun playing ‘Call of Duty: Warzone (hereafter Warzone)’, which was added as a battle royale genre, so he had high expectations for Modern Warfare II as well.

Modern Warfare II is cross-platform for PlayStation, XBOX and PC. The open beta test was split into the first week (September 17-20) for PlayStation only and the second week (September 23-26) for all platforms. The reporter tried it on PC in the second week.

■ Perfect for directing and sound suitable for high quality graphics

– Directors before the start of the battle created tension in the upcoming battle

- The SAE aerial bombardment shows overwhelming performance to the point of being mesmerized.

– The SAE aerial bombardment shows overwhelming performance to the point of being mesmerized.

The first impression of a game is determined by the graphics. Especially before the release, you have no choice but to trust the trailer video made for publicity. Modern Warfare II’s high-quality graphics seen in the trailer video were positively received by users, such as “It’s much better than the previous game”, “The graphics are of the highest quality”, “I’ve sharpened my teeth”, “Call of Duty to believe and enjoy” appears

As we began testing, we breathed a sigh of relief when we confirmed that the graphics we saw in the trailer were properly implemented in the game. Most games also make trailers based on actual gameplay footage. However, some games sometimes trick users with images that are completely different from in-game videos, so I had no choice but to feel anxious until the day before the test.

Sound playback is an essential element in FPS games. You can create an advantageous position on the battlefield by locating enemy footprints or gunshots. In Modern Warfare II, the sound of footsteps is louder than in other FPS games. The audio playback was easy enough that even users who don’t enjoy FPS games could understand the setting.

I also really liked the direction that adorned the high quality graphics. In particular, directing getting off the helicopter and being put on the battlefield could feel the tension as if assimilated into the character. The magnificent sound of the SAE aerial bombardment and the directing that overwhelms the battlefield also caught enough attention to make me think that ‘explosion is art’.

■ The sensation of cold hitting and breathtaking speed is the highest level

-Shotgun provides a cool feeling of hitting

– The shotgun gives a cool feeling of hitting

- There is no time to respawn, so the game moves forward quickly

– There is no time to respawn, so the game moves forward quickly

The impressive feel of Modern Warfare II was the best. When my bullet hits, a hit indicator appears on the aiming point and a live sound is heard. In particular, it is more pronounced when shooting a shotgun than an assault rifle.

The battle also takes place at a very fast pace. In general FPS games, when an enemy dies, there is a respawn time before returning to the battlefield. However, even if Modern Warfare II dies, it returns to the battlefield within 2 seconds with no cooldown. There’s no time to relax in every game, and you don’t know when and where the enemy will appear, so you can’t let go of the tension.

I also liked the sprinting system which made the sense of speed feel even better. If you press the shift key once, the node runs. If you press the shift key twice, you can quickly sprint for 2-3 seconds. Of course, it has invisible stamina, so it is difficult to use it often, and if you aim while sprinting, you will lose stability, so it is better to use it carefully.

■ Great gun usage details

- When the Kastov-74u runs out of bullets in its magazine, it performs an Iraqi reload.

– When the Kastov-74u runs out of bullets in its magazine, it performs an Iraqi reload.

- Details are alive down to the smallest detail

– Details are alive down to the smallest details

If you enjoy FPS games, you might admire even the smallest details. While enjoying the beta test, I suddenly thought, “Why is it so immersive?” and when I looked closely at the screen, every detail of the gun was alive. I was reminded of the fact that the difference in really small details makes such a masterpiece.

For example, the Kastov-74U performs the Iraqi reloading method of reloading by using all the bullets in its magazine and reloading by pulling the loading handle with your right hand and hitting the magazine. In this detailed gun part, users praised, “The gun related part is the top”, “It’s not an FPS game, it feels like a gun simulation”, “Iraq reload is cool ok”, etc.

When I showed my acquaintances the video of loading the gun, I heard they thought it was real, not a game. Marc Griggsby, lead animator of Modern Warfare II, said, “In making this work, I wanted to capture the original taste and feel of reloading, as well as the details of gun handling.”

■ Multiplayer mode where there is no room for boredom

- There are different modes in addition to the main base and ground battles.

– There are different modes in addition to the main base and ground battles.

- Thanks to this, the tension, excitement and pleasure of the ground battle was increased

– Thanks to this, the tension, excitement and pleasure of the ground battle was increased

Modern Warfare II has a variety of modes. During the beta test, you could enjoy different modes such as ground warfare, third-person combat, key bases, search and destroy, and prisoner rescue. Among them, the large-scale 64-player battle ‘Ground Battle’ and the small-scale 12-player battle ‘Main Base’ were very impressive.

Land warfare is a large-scale occupation battle where 64 players are divided into two teams and battle over a specific area. The captured area has 5 points from A to E, and the team that collects 250 points first by occupying as many areas as possible wins. It’s a battle of dominance that can easily be enjoyed even in general FPS games, but Modern Warfare II’s graphics and direction made it even more fun.

The main base is a small battle for supremacy where 12 players split into two teams to occupy and defend a designated base on the battlefield. The location of the base will change after a certain amount of time, so be sure to check the minimap carefully. The charm of this mode is that the periodically changing base and the instant refill system from Modern Warfare II create a synergy, which captures the chaotic battlefield as it is.

During the beta test, various modes were prepared, so there was no room for boredom. The third-person mode added for users unfamiliar with first-person play felt the developer’s consideration, and when we were tired of constant terrain battles and large centers, we took a breather while enjoying team deathmatch modes such as rescuing prisoners or search and destroy. . It was like buying a free ticket at an amusement park and playing all day.

■ The Call of Duty series you can trust and enjoy

- Can't wait for the official release date

– Can’t wait for the official release date

- Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is released on November 17th.

– Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is released on November 17th.

I enjoyed it until the last day of the trial period. As a master of FPS games, Modern Warfare II can be said to be a luxury game. The lively direction and movement of the characters were impressive enough to be highly praised by users, and the battle progressed quickly, so even if you played for a long time, you will never get bored.

Of course, there are some upsets. The servers were quite erratic in the evening and early morning hours. In particular, when playing large-scale combat ground warfare, the character varied and stopped, making it impossible to proceed with the game. And if you aim and fire at the enemy, a lot of smoke rises from the nose, which is inconvenient because it obscures a lot of view.

The purpose of the test was to fix bugs or inconveniences, so I wasn’t stressed. As this is the last test before the opening, if we listen carefully to the opinions of users and fix it, I believe it will be a game that will bring rain during a drought-like period when there are no games New FPS coming out.

Modern Warfare II release date is October 28th. The price is 84,500 won for the standard edition and 124,000 won for the bolt edition with various skins, many say it is expensive compared to other FPS games. Digital pre-order buyers can enjoy playing the advance campaign from 2 am on October 21st.

Warzone 2.0, made in the Battle Royale genre, is also scheduled to be released on November 17th. In the test server, the play button was locked, so I couldn’t enjoy it. Given the box office success of its predecessor, Warzone 2.0 is a work in progress.

Byung-gyu Koo, Reporter at Game Talk

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