Max Verstappen meets Honda F1 “RA099” for the first time in over 20 years[]

Max Verstappen took part in Honda’s Japan F1 GP fan event “Honda Heart F1 DREAM” with Red Bull Racing teammate Sergio Perez. I met Honda F1 test engine “RA099”, whose photo of me sitting in the cockpit became a hot topic when I was a kid.

In the middle of the event, after the title of the event “Honda Heart F1 DREAM”, the two drivers talked about their dreams when they were children. Sergio Pérez tells the story of when he was six years old when he rode a cart for the first time in Mexico.

Max Verstappen then mentioned a picture taken in the cockpit of the Honda F1 RA099 test machine, where his father was a test driver. “It’s too small and the Honda logo is upside down,” said Max Verstappen.

Then an unexpected performance awaited. When the veil that was meaningfully hung in the space next to the stage was peeled away by the staff, the very RA099, which had just been discussed, appeared! Two drivers looked at the F1 test machine more than 20 years ago with great interest.

Indeed, Max Verstappen, who entered the RA099, joked, “Compared to those days, the cockpit feels cramped.” I took a photo with the same makeup as when I was a child.

At the end of the event, he spoke of his enthusiasm for the Japan F1 GP starting in two days. I want to aim for 1-2 with Red Bull Racing!”

Max Verstappen Honda F1 RA099 (current)Max Verstappen Honda F1 RA099 (past)Max Verstappen Honda F1 RA099 (current)Max Verstappen Honda F1 RA099 (past)

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