Mayweather, 45, says, “I can do it for a few more years with that moderate approach.” Mirai Asakura’s total victory, strength seen by experts: J-CAST News[Testun llawn]

The martial arts event “Super RIZIN” was held at Saitama Super Arena on September 25, 2022, and former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. (USA, 45) who took part in the exhibition match was Mirai Asakura (30) by TKO twice. .

The exhibition match was 3 minutes and 3 rounds under boxing rules, free knockdown system, 10oz gloves, no weight limit, and just before the end of the second round, Mayweather Jr. took down Asakura with a straight right and it became a referee stoppage . .

  • Mayweather Jr. attacking Asakura (Photo: AP/Aflo)

  • Mayweather Jr.  attacking Asakura (Photo: AP/Aflo)

“Mayweather seemed to be slowing down.”

Mayweather Jr., who once again showed his ability to conquer five world weight classes in the Japanese ring for the first time since his first TKO victory over Tenshin Nasukawa (24) at “RIZIN.14” on New Year’s Eve in 2018. He fought Asakura did well against a legend undefeated in 50 fights, but the fight was decided with one punch. What was the power difference between the two? J-CAST News editorial department asked Mr. Keiichiro Kanehira (56), former chairman of Kyoei professional boxing gym, to analyze it.

Mr. said Kanehira, “My honest impression is that Mayweather’s power is declining. In my image, Mayweather is a player with speed, and this time there is no decline in speed. We can see it. Compared to four years ago when I played against Nasukawa, my speed had slowed down. However, I didn’t lose the power that brought Asakura down in one blow.”

Mayweather Jr., who boasts a rich amateur and professional career, seized the initiative in using jabs to prevent Asakura from getting close. The right straight before the end of the 2nd round, which was the decisive blow, was a powerful blow with devastating power. Mr. Kanehira explained Asakura’s down scene as follows.

“When Asakura tried to throw a right hook, his jaw tilted slightly to the left, leaving his jaw open. I didn’t have the speed to pull the punch like I did, and I was hitting him with a thrusting feeling. I think I put a lot of effort into the punch. As Asakura’s punch was hitting, I focused on it like a boxer’s instinct and noted it. I think I hit it. It was a legendary hit.”

Mayweather Jr. won. by TKO following his fight against Nasukawa. Along with his top-notch defensive skills that prevent him from being hit by the opponent’s punches, he also demonstrated the devastating power of defeating him with one blow. Mr Kanehira pointed out that Asakura had prepared well in a short period of time, but expressed the opinion that it was difficult to stop the final blow.

‘Mayweather is not an unbeatable player’

“When Mayweather won the world title for the first time, there were a lot of KOs. He was not a player who could not be beaten. It’s hard to stop a punch. No matter how careful you are, if there is such a difference in technique, it will be effective. That punch is embedded in Mayweather’s body, so that one shot for Asakura is not useful”

Furthermore, “The round was short, so Asakura had to be motivated. So, I thought I’d give him a punch because he’s going to keep coming. Even if he didn’t get that punch and go to the next round, the same situation might have happened.”

Mayweather Jr. retired. after his last match with Conor McGregor (Ireland) in August 2017, and has been in the ring for exhibition matches since then. A hero who won a bronze medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and left a record of 50 unbeaten fights (27 KOs) as a professional. The next match is scheduled for an exhibition match with a YouTuber in Dubai in November.

Mr Kanehira said, “It depends on the opponent, but I think I can do it for a few more years with that moderate approach,” and explained Mayweather Jr.’s strengths.

“Mayweather does the necessary training and self-discipline every day. You can see it in his body. No. He has managed to manage himself well since his playing days, and is still creating serious conditions. This is a great strength .Also, he is the progenitor of boxing, so as long as he follows the rules, he will not be crushed easily. Since I was a child, I have savings.”

Asakura, who lost to Mayweather Jr., updated his Twitter account on the 26th, saying, “Boxing and mixed martial arts are great sports. I want to try kickboxing someday. First, I will return to mixed martial arts in a stronger form.” I swore.

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