[Meistri biliards y Byd]Higgins broke out at the end of the match and won Saturday’s fight with Fu Jiajun to reach the final

[Newyddion Ffordd Chwaraeon]”Hong Kong World Pool Masters 2022″ will be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum tonight (6th) for the second round of the 8th match. World No. 2 “demi god” Judd Trump faced four Although the world champion “Wizard” Higgins (John Higgins) shot a maximum of 136 degrees, Higgins, who once lost 3 games in a row, broke out at the end, and last won 5:4 after playing 9 games. Enter the top 4, and there will be a competition with Fu Jiajun for the last ticket on Saturday (8th).





The opening match between Hong Kong player Fu Jiajun and Shabi took place this afternoon. In the end, Fu Jiajun won 5-2 and will face the winner of Zhuo Limp and Higgins in the semi-final on Saturday (8th). Higgins and Zhuo Lingpu graduated in the top 8 and 4 respectively at the Hong Kong Championships five years ago. Zhuo Lingpu defeated the former at the 2019 World Championships and won the first world championship of his career.

Both played defensively in the first game, Higgins took the lead with a 30-0 start, and Zhuo Limpu recovered to 17:30 after the situation was seen for a short time. After being pulled away by the opponent until 29:55, Zhuo Limpu broke into the red wave on the far stage and won applause, but was later picked up by “Shlujia” Higgins and “supported to death” , Higgins took advantage of the momentum to 79:33 Take the lead. The two then held a “Hundred-Break” battle. color played The 901st “Breakthrough” in his career, he won 102 degrees with one shot and then took the lead.

After that, Higgins’ “break” hit 68 degrees, Zhuo Limpu failed to grab the opportunity to dive into the pink wave, and Higgins opened the game with 102:1 to 3:1. Zhuo Linpu, who was two games behind, never gave up, shooting 120 degrees for a 3-0 lead, reducing the game difference with 123-0. In the 6th game, Higgins’ attack failed and succeeded, and Zhuo Limp lost two games in a row with 0:96, and the draw was 3:3. In the 7th game, Zhuo Linpu was just behind by 36:43. After a round of tug of war, Zhuo Linpu was trapped on the edge of the tail pocket for a long time to break the situation, and then won 68:43 ahead.

Later, Higgins hit the red wave once, but he accidentally pocketed “Black Chai” and was fined 7 degrees. Fortunately, Zhuo Linpu missed the blue wave after that, and the “Wizard” gained the advantage and stopped the bleed with 71:13 and take the game to the draw. Higgins started with a red wave from a distance and led 58:0 again, Zhuo Limpu failed to regain his strength and could not catch up. In the end, Higgins won another 120:6 in the draw on Saturday afternoon (8th) He will compete with Fu Jiajun in the final.

Zhuo Limpu expressed his disappointment with the result after winning 3 matches in a row in the middle period: “I am very frustrated with the result. I think I played this match well. There are also places very good here, but the only downside is that Zhuo Linpu and Higgins were originally scheduled to play tomorrow, but because Zhao Xintong was diagnosed with a new type of pneumonia, the tournament will be held before the competition of the two person tonight. to sleep, but it’s the same with other golfers, so there’s no excuse.”

Higgins praised the opponent’s consistent strength, and was pleased to end the losing streak against Zhuo Lingpu. Regarding facing the home player Marco the next day, he also said that Marco is a player who deserves admiration, “Marco’s loss under the epidemic is greater than ours, and the process of being able to return to the game is easy.”

The “Hong Kong World Pool Masters 2022” will be held tomorrow (7th) with two more top 8 matches. The first match at 1:30 pm will be played by Neil Robertson, the champion of the last Hong Kong tournament, against Zhao Xintong, the player who replaced the infected player Mark Williams, the “Golden Left Hand”, and the world champion 7-time Ronnie O’Sullivan against “Four-Eyed Cue Queen” Wu Anyi at the end of the game at 7:00.

Figure: He Ziyuan
Text: Li Zizheng

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