Melania Trump’s ex-friend goes wild in a bombshell book

Melania Trump may be one of the most beautiful and photographed women in the world, but for many she remains a mystery.

Now a former “beast” has gone wild on the First Lady, describing her as cold and calculating.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Mrs. Trump’s trusted senior adviser and a 15-year friend who helped organize the president’s $ 100 million grand opening and a 15-year-old former friend, wrote a revealing book titled Melania and me.

He recounted the Sunday night episode of 60 minutes to Australia like Melania “100 percent” took advantage of her confidence and “stabbed me in the back, sliced ​​me in the neck and threw me under the bus”.

“This is not a typical typical wedding or a typical relationship,” Winston Wolkoff said of Trump’s wedding.

“They are there for each other, they have a reason to be together, which is beyond anyone’s understanding, except to be able to present themselves in a way that brings her, or has brought some humanity. to the presidency “.

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Melania, who grew up in Slovenia under the communist regime, came to America as a young model, posing infamously for Sports Illustrated and met her future husband – the cheeky wealthy businessman Donald Trump, 24 years her senior – who was just 26, eventually becoming her third wife and mother to son Baron.

“Actually I should have met someone else, there was this amazing super model sitting next to Melania and I should have met this supermodel and they said look there is such and such. I said forget her she’s the one on the left and it was Melania, ”Mr Trump once said in a joint interview.

Asked if Melania immediately liked her future husband, she replied: “It was great chemistry and energy.”

Over the years, Melania has had to “look the other way” as allegations of her husband’s betrayal Playboy model Karen McDougal and porn star, Stormy Daniels, made their way through the press, along with other reports of her unsavory and infamous “take them for the p ** sy” comments.

But when Winston Wolkoff, who was working at Rowing and helped produce the famous Met Gala, joined Trump’s team at the White House, said she saw Melania “dive into a shark pool.”

While photographs of the First Lady have often portrayed her as “unhappy,” Winston Wolkoff said, “She’s not unhappy. She’s complicit. She’s no different from her husband.”

“You know, I said it’s a transactional marriage and that’s because I started realizing that everything they did had, was, was, um strategic,” said Winston Wolkoff. 60 minutes reporter Liam Bartlett.

“You have a woman married to this guy who is having an affair with a Playboy model and then a porn star, and we’re only talking a few weeks after the birth of her child, and she’s still recovering.

“They were made for each other. What woman, what normal woman could actually handle it? None. For her it was just politics. They are just liberal media. ‘It is what it is. I know who I married. Some things don’t need to be explained with an explanation. I mean, those are his words.

“He wanted the spotlight. He is a showman.

“And she was willing to do what she needed for her, which was to stand by her side.

“So all this speculation about her heart and how she feels and about Melania and Melania, everyone should just stop, because there’s nothing to hear.”

Referring to press speculation about the lack of intimacy between the couple and the frequent crouching of the president’s hand of Melania, Winston Wolkoff said, “So, I think people are forgetting, or missing, that Donald and Melania because … and the Trump family, um, are the masters of the dark.

“And I think that whenever he needs something to distract him from something else, Melania plays a part in that. And then, all of a sudden, everyone talks about his coup, which is, to me, it’s literally … again, they’re – they’re lined up in a way that everything is done for a reason. Nothing happens. “

Bartlett asked, “Ah, do you think it’s on purpose?”

“100 percent,” Winston Wolkoff said. “Again, you have to understand who they are to understand what they are trying to do. Um. Which is the fleece of the nation. Like, which absolutely makes you think one thing why that car behind them is so powerful. “

Winston Wolkoff first met Melania when she was working Rowing magazine in New York, where they immediately agreed.

“Melania and I, our friendship was based on her ability to remain calm. His ability to have more general common sense, “he said

“It was a lot… You know, we didn’t talk about our ideologies. There was no talk of politics. It was just the two of us.

“And so, I talked a lot after seeing her. I felt confident. I felt assured. And then it really gave me that boost of, um, you know, energy. “

Their friendship blossomed into a working relationship when Melania became the First Lady.

Winston Wolkoff has been announced as his senior advisor. However, the friendship did not last.

“Stephanie, is there still a small part of you that likes Melania?” Bartlett asked.

“No, not at all,” was the reply “

“I know I’ve given her the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to believe. “

When she was inducted into the White House team, Winston Wolkoff said it was her first glimpse of the conflicting worlds of the Trump family and Washington politics.

“When I was first asked to, uh, produce the grand opening, I did it with honor,” he said. 60 minutes. “Um, while I was doing it, I realized that Melania didn’t have anyone. And I mean, no one helps her. And I’ve been friends with her for 15 years. I was someone she trusted and someone she knew would look at her.

“And when I saw what was happening while planning the Presidential Inauguration Committee, I knew he was diving into a shark pool.

“And I needed to get her back because no one else would.”

He also described the tension between Melania and Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, who had been prepared for a larger role within the White House, leaving the First Lady sidelined and ignored.

“Nobody cared about taking care of Melania Trump. People were only interested in making sure Ivanka Trump was taken care of, “Winston Wolkoff said.

“You know, he was friendlier when the kids were small. They looked at Melania. Um, but now, you know, power takes its place and has a very important part, you know, part of their whole being now.

“And listen Ivanka just wanted to usurp the First Lady, her interests were hers.

That’s what Ivanka can do for herself.

“She (Melania) has succumbed to, um, her stepdaughter’s ability to crush her like the First Lady, to do whatever is effective to influence change and this time she’s gone. And that makes you an accomplice. “

Eventually, Winston Wolkoff – who held a prime position for the first two years of Donald Trump’s presidency – began to be sidelined and was increasingly seen as a problem.

“I really had a lot of questions and people didn’t like me asking questions. I was a problem Er, they wanted me out of the White House, “he said.

“I was seen as divisive because I wanted to help the First Lady. I was seen as a division, as Melania told me, people were jealous because I was sleeping.

“I was creating divisions because I was so close to her and I understood what she had to do, but I also had the experience to help her do everything she, our country, our country needed to do it.”

Eventually, there was an investigation into why the presidential inauguration that Winston Wolkoff helped organize was so expensive and she was accused of pocketing $ 26 million ($ 35 million), leading to her being publicly fired from the team without the support of the First Lady. he had tried to help.

Winston Wolkoff is adamant that she was the victim of a political success that actually pocketed $ 480,000 (AU $ 658,000) from the campaign – which included grand opening planning, free work for Melania 24/7, bringing his contacts and working for a year and a half in the White House.

The matter is now under investigation.

But Winston Wolkoff’s problem is that Melania – a woman who worked so hard to protect – didn’t come to publicly support her.

“They destroyed my character once, I won’t let them do it again,” said Winston Wolkoff.

She has now written a revealing book about her time in the White House and the Triumphs – Melania in particular – are said to not be too happy about it and have described the book as full of falsehoods.

“Yes. I read it. What did you expect them to say?” Winston Wolkoff said.

“The book has no falsehood. I can support every single thing in this book with one or another mode of transmission, and I mean everything. “

He also admitted that he secretly taped Melania Trump.

“I secretly recorded Melania Trump after being accused of being almost, accused of being a criminal, of criminal activity.

“She was no longer my friend. I was thrown to the wolves.

“He stabbed me in the back, cut my neck and threw me under the bus.”

Winston Wolkoff said his motivation behind the book was: “I needed to clear my mind. I needed clarity. I have been living in my house for three years. I went out maybe a handful of times. I have three children.

“They took my life away, in seconds, the life I built for myself and for myself

the children, my husband and my family have been crushed by this machine of false narratives.

“And no one took the desire to even want to figure out what the truth was, what the rest of the money was?

“There’s something very interesting about the way when you take a big step back and stop focusing on the moments, you realize that America and the people are just playing. And now we’re all on a reality show, and we really are. “

So what will happen to Melania if Trump loses the presidency in November?

“It will be in the south of France on a really big yacht with a really big brim hat

what he always wanted to do, nothing, “concluded Winston Wolkoff.


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