Mendes as ‘senior’ agent… Another customer in the Wolverhampton command tower

[골닷컴] Reporter Kang Dong-hoon = English professional football Wolverhampton Wanderers are expected to appoint Julen Lopetegui (56, Spain) as their new manager. At the same time, the ‘super agent’ Jorge Mendes (56, Portugal) is more likely to have his client as the commander.

Multiple media outlets such as British ‘The Athletic’, ‘The Guardian’ and ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 7th (Korea time), “The Wolverhampton Wanderers are trying to appoint Lopetegui as their next manager. That’s it,” he said in unison. .

Earlier on the 3rd, the Wolverhampton Wanderers announced on the club’s official website that they had broken up with manager Bruno Raj (46, Portugal). The reason was that the Premier League was in a slump this season, with only one win (3 draws and 4 losses) since the start of the season.

After that, the Wolverhampton Wanderers went straight to finding a new manager. The candidate initially mentioned as a strong candidate was coach Ruben Amorim (37, Portugal), who leads Sporting (Portugal). He is called the master of the next generation, and there was an analysis that he would be able to lead the ‘Portuguese Connection’ well.

However, the present has changed in recent days. As manager Lopetegui, who was second in priority, broke up with Sevilla (Spain) and became irresistible, an environment was created that could start negotiations immediately. Above all, it is expected that it will be possible to reach an agreement easily as he is a customer of Mendes who has some kind of agreement with Wolverhampton Wanderers.

In fact, Mendes has had a huge influence on club policy and player recruitment from the time Wolverhampton Wanderers was acquired by China’s ‘Fusing Group’ until now. He has a history of transferring many of his clients, including Hubin Neves (25), Joao Moutinho (36), Daniel Podense (26), and Pedro Neto (22). Even Nunu’s former coach Espirito Santo (48, Portugal) and Raj’s former coach were Mendes’ clients. If the negotiations go smoothly and Lopetegui takes over, Mendes’ clients will take the baton 32nd and 33rd and 34th commanders of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

After leading the Spanish national team by age, Lopetegui moved to Porto (Portugal) and took over as manager of the Spanish national team. After that, he took the baton of Real Madrid (Spain), but was sacked during the season due to poor performance, and has led Sevilla from 2019. In his first season in office, he won the UEFA Europa League. However, at the start of the season, they went into a slump and eventually broke up.

Visiting Korea during pre-season last summer, Lopetegui made his name known to domestic fans. At the time, he actively participated in various Korean cultural experiences, and showed good fan service in open training and building a favorable image.

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