Mercedes F1 representative “Expects five-year contract extension with Lewis Hamilton”[]

Mercedes F1 team boss Toto Wolff said Lewis Hamilton has the ability and desire to keep his seat for another five years.

Seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, 37, is racing towards retirement from F1 after a highly controversial loss of the 2021 title and a battle with the 2022 Mercedes F1 team car. Some people are wondering if they are.

Lewis Hamilton’s contract with the Mercedes Formula 1 team expires at the end of the 2023 season, but Toto Wolve says contract negotiations for 2024 have already begun.

“Last week we spoke and he said ‘I have five years left. How do you see it? We are completely transparent with each other.’

Wolff’s response to Lewis Hamilton was that he emulates Fernando Alonso and thinks he is well equipped to race well beyond his 40th birthday.

“Is he the same Fernando as he was at 25? I don’t know, but he’s still very competitive,” Wolff told Channel 4.

“So Lewis has been living his life with a very narrow focus on Formula 1 racing, so I think he can take it quite far.”

At the same time, Toto Wolff believes he will be able to recognize when Lewis Hamilton will retire.

“Lewis will be the first to say ‘I can’t do this anymore because I feel like I don’t respond anymore’ or ‘I’ve lost the fun of doing that. Another very strong generation has grown up. “There is “

“So, I have no doubt that we will agree on a contract extension. It will happen, but we will be very open about what the future holds.”

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