Messi hasn’t slept at night for the last year since World Cup defeat to Germany – ex-agent

Messi hasn’t been sleeping at night for the past year for the same reason he lost to Germany in the World Cup: a former agent

Lionel Messi, Paris St Sherman striker and Argentina captain, is currently preparing for the World Cup in Qatar to be held in November.

Messi had earlier indicated that he would announce his retirement from World Cup matches with the Qatar World Cup tournament.

But the actor did not give any further explanation on this matter. This time, Messi and his team will arrive in Qatar, ready to lift the World Cup, which was lost at the last minute in Maracana.

Fabian Soldini, the star’s former agent, has shared his experience of Messi’s encounter with Germany in the last World Cup.

He said the player has not slept since losing to Germany in the World Cup.

Soldini added that he was told this when he met the star in person after 10 years.

“I am visiting Messi’s house after 10 years. That’s when he mentioned it to me.

Fabi, Messi told me that for the last year I have not been able to sleep and wake up at night watching the World Cup. I can assure you, this has been going on in his head for quite some time,’ said Soldino.

He added that Messi is looking at the World Cup with a lot of maturity and that Argentina is a complete team. He also said that Messi and his team deserve to win this World Cup.

After winning the Copa America and the Finalsima title, Argentina enters the international battle with an unbeaten run of 35 matches.

The player, who scores goals with ease on the pitch, is only a distance away from the World Football Gold Cup.

Content Highlights: Lionel Messi couldn’t sleep at night for more than a year after losing FIFA World Cup final to Germany, says former agent Fabian Soldini

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