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In the fifth week of September, two paid apps for Meta Quest 2 were released.

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A new work that draws on the popularity of the VR FPS puzzle “Boneworks”, which attracted attention for its various behaviors realized by advanced physics calculation processing. Set in a mysterious underground research facility that you have escaped from the death sentence, you will get to the truth hidden behind it while challenging various battle simulations.

The physics calculation processing, which was highly evaluated in the previous work “Boneworks”, has been further refined and inherited. You can experience the behavior of a realistic object that is almost real.

The simulations in the research facility that we challenge in the main part also vary from pure battles to physical puzzles, to old castles full of obstacles,Fight with literal bonesPrepare a wide variety of varieties. The method of using firearms used in battle also inherits the same realistic style as “Boneworks”, which removes the magazine from the pouch, inserts it into the main body, and cocks it. You can also practice applied actions such as holding a bin lid and using it as a shield.

In addition, this work introduces a new system called “Avatar Swap” which allows you to freely switch between characters in the game. In addition to supporting the import of avatars created by the player, appearance and physical status can also be set in detail, making it possible to travel around the world in the game with the exact character you like.

In addition, the story of the main story adopts a method that solves by collecting items hidden in the research facility. There is even something like a level editor that allows you to create a map of your liking of the location, and the content is summarized to the best of your ability.

The PC VR version of this work is also on sale on Steam on the same day as the Quest 2 version. The price here is 3,990 yen including tax, the same as the Quest 2 version. The compatible headsets are Valve Index and Oculus Rift (Rift S), and the language is only English, like the Quest 2 version.

List of new works

address: Zero Level Stress
Japanese support: None
Genre: Puzzle FPS
Price (tax included): 3,990 yen
Rating: 4.7 stars (2492)
comments:Exclusive to Meta Quest 2
Meta Quest Shop

‌Crisis Brigade 2 Reloaded’
Development: Sumalab
Japanese support: None
Genre: FPS
Price (tax included): 1,490 yen
Rating: 4.3 stars (13 reviews)
comments:Exclusive to Meta Quest 2
Meta Quest Shop

*Scores are from the Oculus Store at the time of writing.

A new release of a comfortable cover for Meta Quest 2!

Mogura sells a “VR cover” that prevents make-up and dirt from sticking. By attaching a cover to the Meta Quest 2 face cushion, it prevents the adhesion of sweat and sebum. Made from 100% cotton, it is gentle on the skin and soft to wear. Plus, it’s machine washable, and since it’s a set of 2, you can rest assured that one of them is in the wash.

Buy from the Amazon product page.

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