Michael Jackson, abuse, drugs and his impossible love with Mila Kunis

Although three decades have passed since its premiere, it is impossible not to continue to associate emblematic comedy ‘Home alone’ with the ten-year-old thug playing Macaulay Culkin. But Kevin has grown up after being the Hollywood golden boy in the 90s and later pursue an irregular career, marked by rumors – and evidence – of his own drug addictions.

In 2004 it was arrested for drug possession and large quantities of drugs such as xanax and clonazepam. And in 2012 the American magazine “The National Enquirer” published that the interpreter was spending about $ 6,000 a month in heroin, something the aforementioned has always denied.

'Home alone'.  (20th Century Fox)
‘Home alone’. (20th Century Fox)

Indeed, Macaulay has stated this on more than one occasion does not regret past decisions because they are the ones who led him to become the person he is today. “It’s okay for people to worry about me if they see me doing stupid things, but no, I’ve never been in the situation of having to pay thousands of dollars a month to get heroin or anything. But what I really wore. It was sick to see how some newspapers ended up wrapping everything up with their false appearance of concern. No, they were just trying to sell newspapers at my expense. “, the former child prodigy confessed to “The Guardian”.

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Besides the fact that his father abused him “physically and mentally”, as he declared in 2018, another controversy that has haunted him for decades is his relationship with Michael Jackson. As a child, Culkin starred in the music video for the king of pop ‘Black and White’, after which they both became friends forever. Over the years, as the singer’s multiple allegations of child abuse began to go public, the young man continually denied having some kind of sexual contact with Jackson.

Earlier this year, in the magazine ‘Esquire’, the actor wanted to put an end to the indiscretions, even stronger since the airing of the documentary ‘Finding Neverland’. And he did it with these strong words. “I’ll start with a sentence, which isn’t a sentence, it’s the truth: he never did anything to me. I’ve never seen him do anything. And especially in this critical moment today, I would have no reason to keep quiet about anything. The boy died. If nothing else, I won’t say it was fictional or something, but now is a good time to talk. And if I had something to talk about, I would do it without a problem. But no, I’ve never seen anything; he never did anything. “

    Culkin and Kunis at Michael Jackson's funeral.  (Getty)
Culkin and Kunis at Michael Jackson’s funeral. (Getty)

Culkin, who is the godfather of Paris, the daughter of the late singer, lived a real roller coaster in love. Married to only 17 years old Rachel Miner, an almost unknown young actress who was then working on Broadway, they divorced soon after. Her last known relationship is with Brenda Song, the former Disney girlfriend, star of children’s hits like ‘Zack and Cody’, with whom she has been dating since 2017.

But his great love was nothing less than Mila Kunis, the current wife of Ashton Kutcher, a courtship of those that hardly anyone remembers but that it lasted no less than eight years, between 2002 and 2010, and always carried out with great discretion. By then he was already giving more to say for her scandals than for her films, and she has just started a promising career with a role on the sitcom “That 70s Show”.

Regarding his breakup, Kunis would open up years later by securing him it was horrible” and take the blame for the burnout that led to a bitter end of the relationship: “I was an idiot when I was 20, I’m the first to admit it. I was the one who ruined everything“.


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