Milan-Roma 2-0, report cards: security Kjaer, heavy Rebic; Veretout without sides

These are AC Milan’s report cards after the 2-0 victory over Roma in the 28th matchday of Serie A:
6 Donnarumma
The heat of Rome annoys him more 6 Counts Mikhitaryan suffers a little, he goes to velvet with Perotti.
7 Kjaer
Play a perfect match even if he only recovered at the last minute. Clear Dzeko and Kalinic.
6 Romagnoli
Dzeko is lost, but thanks to him, on the only Romanist occasion in the whole game.
7 Hernandez
Smash Zappacosta with arrogance: an assist wasted by Calha and a penalty won.
6 Kessie
Get into the action of 1-0 after a “normal” game. 6 Bennacer Pioli asks for order and the Algerian executes.
5 Castillejo
Inconclusive. The replacement is right.
5 Bonaventura
The heat evaporates it, misses an easy goal.
6,5 Calhanoglu
Intense competition, rewarded by the penalty of 2-0.
7 Rebic
Eighth league goal, all in the last 9 games. Heavy network that smells of Europe. Ibra can heal quietly. 6
, 5 Saelemaekers
Nice change immediately enters the game and his cross is born 1-0. Promising.
6 Paquetà
It starts badly but then participates in the recovery dominated by Milan (11 shots at 1, 6 on goal at 0, 217 passes at 135, 32 recoveries at 24).
7 Pioli
Against the first six of the championship she had made only one point (against Napoli) in 7 games, but this wins her with merit. Make the most of the two extra days of rest: he puts the same team back in Lecce and makes only three changes.


These instead the report cards of Rome:
6.5 Lookout
Makes a miracle on the first pitch of Rebic, but unfortunate companions make the Croatian try again. Are you sure Pau Lopez is better?
4 Zappacosta
The first starting in the championship costs one point with the assist-harakiri in Rebic.
5,5 Smalling
First he takes them all, then he becomes sad about the two goals.
5,5 Mancini
It is not at the top and for a physical player it is a problem.
5.5 Spinazzola
With matches like this, Kolarov is not taken away.
5,5 Cristante
Symbolic: good for 45 ‘, disappears in the second half.
6.5 Veretout
The best with Mirante but does not find sides. Udinese will miss for disqualification.
6,5 Mkhitaryan
The Armenian comes out and Roma no longer builds anything.
5.5 Pilgrims
More diesel than race cars, this time. Also disqualified for the next.
5 Guts
Feather-weight. It does not affect the game.
5,5 Dzeko
Its the only scoring chance of Roma in 97 minutes. The header goes out a little but it is more error than bad luck. Replaced by Kalinic who doesn’t show up at all.
5 Carles Perez
It does little like Kluivert, just a cross from the bottom. 5 Perotti A sad, lonely and final tango.
5 Kalinic
He never takes it. Flop throughout the season
4,5 Diawara
After the assist to Gabbiadini it is repeated with Hernandez.
5 Shepherd
Dance with Perotti.
5 Fonseca
A shot on goal throughout the match. Other than Champions, better to think about the Europa League.

June 28, 2020 (change June 28, 2020 | 9:18 pm)


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