Military move ‘carrots and sticks’…Detention in Russian for 10 years for fear of refusing to fight, delay repayment of debt to veterans

Russian police are detaining a citizen who attended an anti-government rally in St. AP Yonhap News

Russia, which is on the defensive in the Ukrainian battlefield, is simultaneously introducing measures to intensify punishment and induce the mobilization of insufficient troops.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill that would allow military personnel to be detained for up to 10 years if they refuse to fight or surrender to Ukraine.

On the other hand, the Central Bank of Russia has recently recommended commercial banks and lenders to postpone debt repayments for reservists targeted for deployment. In addition, for those subject to mobilization, late debts will not be collected, and even if their mortgage houses are foreclosed, they will not be evicted by force.

Putin also signed a bill that would ease the process of issuing citizenship to foreigners who enlist in the Russian army.

After President Putin announced that reserve forces will be mobilized on the 21st, protests have been taking place across Russia. On the same day, 724 people were detained by the police in 32 regions of Russia. On the 21st, the day the mobilization order was issued, at least 1,300 people were arrested in 38 regions.

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