Millions of flu shots could be delayed until December amid fears of the NHS winter crisis

“Because I have an underlying condition that makes me vulnerable to Covid and fall into the new over 50 age category, I thought I was eligible for a flu shot for two reasons,” he said.

“I was quite surprised to get a text message from my study saying that” due to the availability of vaccines, “vaccinations” will probably start in December. “

NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said patients with diabetes should have been among those who were prioritized for jabs, under government leadership.

Dr Jonathan Leach, honorary secretary of the Royal College of GPs, said it was essential that subjects in the highest-risk groups received the vaccinations.

But he said the RCGP was seeking assurances from the government that there was a sufficient supply of the vaccine to expand the program to cover healthy people under the age of 64.

Dr. Leach said: “For the extra cohort of patients included in the expanded flu program, such as age 50-64, we asked the government that there be enough vaccines to circulate.

“If the offering isn’t enough, GPs, our teams and the public need to know so that patient expectations can be managed – and we need clear guidance on who we should prioritize for a shot. of flu, outside those patients risk. “

A DHSC spokesperson said there was strong international demand for the purchase of flu vaccines, but said the government had procured additional supplies for the expanded program and intended to distribute it to those between the ages of 50 and 64. years.

He said: “In our flu vaccination plans we have outlined that those who may fall into risk groups – including diabetes – must receive a flu shot as a priority and we have ensured additional flu shots for those who need them. This is the largest flu vaccine program in UK history and healthcare workers will work to vaccinate more than 30 million people – millions more than they received last year. “

An NHS spokesperson said: “Primary care doctors should follow government guidance that people with diabetes should be offered flu vaccination as part of the national program starting this month.”


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