Minister Kwon Young-se “The return of North Korean fishermen to North Korea, the mistake of the Moon Jae-in government is clear … the intention of the defect is clear”

Unification Minister Kwon Young-se reports on business [국회사진기자단]

Unification Minister Kwon Young-se said, “The behavior of the previous government was clearly wrong” in relation to the return of North Korean fishermen.

Minister Kwon said, “It is not appropriate to divide deficiency into pure deficiency and impure deficiency.” If you are a Korean citizen, you are a citizen, and there is no system that deprives you of your citizenship.”

Minister Kwon said, “North Korean defectors clearly expressed their intention to defect within a certain period of time and wrote a handwritten letter of intention to defect, but the period for investigating the facts was too short. It is unprecedented,” he pointed out.

When Independent Representative Kim Hong-geol asked, “Doesn’t the Minister force the employees of the Unification Ministry to write regrets that they did something wrong in the previous administration?” he said, “I made a hasty decision regarding the attack on the West Sea, and I have a duty to protect our people. There are aspects that have not been done,” he replied.

Minister Kwon stressed, “This part must be revealed clearly and clearly through investigations or audits, and the entire position of the Unification Ministry is that we will cooperate without bias in this regard.”

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