“Miriam Sornprommat” celebrated the 3rd birthday of “Pae Arak” so she uploaded a cute couple.

The longer it is, the sweeter Jeab is…the hot guy Got-Jirayu surprising his girlfriend’s birthday. Bow-Benjawan Give a gift of gold bars
making the bow very happy revealing as a moment The two kiss and take turns kissing on the cheek, girls whistling hard Where can I find “love” like this!!

I understand the heart of the fans!! Send the new song “Ribbon Love Color Black” to hit Mitrak’s heart, quickly capturing the first 1 million views. In this event, “Palmy” immediately posted a message of thanks for Mitrak’s support. And Palmy thanked everyone who participated since the day the song was released. Including a behind the scenes clip where Palmy could barely hold back her tears when she met Nang-Siriphon Amphaiphong, her favorite artist and actually got to work together. and said in a trembling voice, Understanding the heart of fans while waiting and seeing artists like this!! Will anything special come out or not? because of the first day of the release of the song “Ribbon Love Color Black” is also organizing a parade to open the MV to people at the Pathumwan intersection. What will happen in the future…let’s wait and see.

Sharing beauty, Dr Kwon Han Jin organizes the event “The Secret of Aesthetics” with updates on beauty innovations in the Medical Skin Care group of Ultra V Medical Aesthetics, with Tae-Piyarat Kaljaruk joined to share experiences of taking care of you yourself, along with Puttipong Phoomsuwan, Natcha Kitchariyaphum, Kanyarat Chutathaveesawad, Sasiwimon Dararatanarot, Dr. Wachira Kunatathorn at the Vibhavadi Nurse hospital the other day.

After the release of the song “DokKan” DOK KON (TWERK), the latest single with cute boot dance choreography POKMINDSET x Kratae
x JARVIS invited friends to challenge this song together. Recently, the song and the choreography have gone viral on social media.
Celebrities and Net Idols flocked to participate in the Challenge, such as Tanya Rsiam, Lulu Lala RSiam, Cherry Haithongkham, Kangg, LOOKTARN BATLEE, FangThanacha and Grandma Hongthong until it became a viral hit. Follow and watch Dok Kon’s MV at https://youtu.be/tBAwKbaLGdw.

The fans have been waiting! After organizers Coco Connection and MJ TONZ Entertainment Announcing the fan meeting of actress Park Eun Bin, who broke up with her role as an autistic lawyer in the hottest drama of the year, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. In Bangkok to be held on Saturday, November 5, 65 at 6:00 pm at the MCC Hall. The Mall Bangkapi Got a good response from Korean series fans and Eun Bin girls fans. The news is not waiting to send a clip to greet Thai fans and beg everyone. “Let’s come and see Eunbin a lot.” Such a sweet voice, the fans. get ready Tickets on sale on Saturday 8 October via WWW.KOKOCONNECTION.COM This event is full of privileges, get closer to Eun Bin!!

Suu… Su.. Sasha… Just put the spicy in the bikini, changed the mode to Sweet Mod, Koh IG, beautiful girl “Miriam Sornprommat”, updated a couple of love photos. “Pae-Arak” celebrated the anniversary of being together for 3 years. Super sweet. Friends’ comments are welcome. The longer this couple dates, the more they look alike!!

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