Miss Hong Kong Finals|Lin Erwen leads to perform, Mai Meien accidentally steps on Zheng Yuling’s skirt (20:44) – 20220925 – SHOWBIZ

The “Miss Hong Kong 2022” Finals will be held tonight (25th) at the Red Pavilion. All the beauties appeared on stage and introduced themselves in turn under the singing of Lin Erwen and JW (Wang Haoer). Among them, No. 1 Xu Lin and No. 12 Zhang Kexin’s Ban Xian The light Cantonese was still hard to hear. When Xu Lin introduced herself, there was more laughter in the scene, but she was confident and won applause and encouragement from the audience.

The emcees Zheng Danrui, Chen Xinjian, Zeng Zhiwei and Chen Baixiang appeared immediately. When the other four emcees, Sammy, Zheng Yuling, Mai Meien and Lu Haoming were introduced, Mai Meien accidentally stepped on Zheng Yuling’s skirt in front of them. fortunately, they both responded. Hurry up and be safe.

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