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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party will not be able to campaign in Raj Samadhiala village in Gujarat’s Rajkot district, where the assembly elections are due. This is because of the rules that the village has drawn up itself. However, voting is compulsory. Those who are eligible to vote will be fined Rs 51 if they do not exercise it.

Raj Samadhiala village is 21 km from the district headquarters. Reportedly, the village has been following these and other rules since 1983. Although the BJP, Congress and Aam Aadmi Party are fighting and campaigning elsewhere, as per the village rules, we anyone can campaign in Raj Samadhiala.

Apart from election campaigns and voting, the village also has some other rules to ensure that all the villagers live ‘ideally’. The rules are displayed on the notice board with a warning ‘that breaching the following rules will result in a fine’. These are implemented by forming the village development committee.

The rules include abstaining from caste actions and thoughts, not polluting the air, water and soil, taking care of parents, and making primary education compulsory for children. Violation of the rules will lead to intervention by the ‘Lok Adalat’ (People’s Court). There are also laws against littering in public places, chewing gudca (tobacco), drinking alcohol, destroying or cutting down trees and abusing anyone in public. Violation of these will attract a fine of Rs 51 to Rs 500.

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