Molly Weaver rides the garden version of the Dirty Reiver

It was supposed to be the Dirty Reiver today, but for fairly obvious reasons, it has been postponed. (It was postponed until Saturday, September 19.) Former pro Molly Weaver instead rides The Dirty Weaver around her garden to raise funds for the Women’s Aid Federation Of England.

Write about his Just Giving pageWeaver says it aims to cover the distance from Dirty One Thirty (130 km), as this can be done in broad daylight.

“Each tower is about 100 m long, which means more than 1,000 laps. It will take a combination of grass, gravel and tarmac, and I estimate it will take me about 12 hours to complete. “

Here’s the trick.

Now – have you seen this piece where there was some grass?

Compare and nuance. Here is the tour halfway.

If you are in the UK, you have no doubt noticed that today’s weather is not as pleasant as it was recently – and it is not as pleasant as expected for the week to come up. Congratulations to Weaver for meeting her appointments.

It’s not only Weaver and the garden that hammer either …

… So his bike.

Fortunately, she has support staff.

As of this writing, Weaver has raised almost £ 7,000 through his efforts.

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