Mother died after finding sex positions in five-year-old Frozen 2

A mom was completely engulfed after finding X-rated content in her young daughter’s Frozen 2 journal.

Toni Alamos, 25, said she bought the book at a Kmart store in Brisbane for her daughter Millie’s fifth birthday.

But when Millie showed the book to her aunt, they found a checklist of sex toys and sex positions inside, and the parent felt horrified.

Talk to Daily Mail Australia the mom explained, “You don’t check this stuff.

“If it were in a newspaper in the adult section of Kmart, I would have understood, but not in a children’s book.”

Toni couldn’t believe her eyes when daughter pointed out inappropriate checklist

The list included a number of sex toys and positions – certainly not suitable for children.

Toni continued to say that the book did not appear to have been tampered with because the binding was not twisted, so blame it on a manufacturing issue.

She bought the Frozen 2 newspaper as a gift for her daughter’s fifth birthday

Fortunately, her five-year-old child could not read the explicit content because she had just started kindergarten.

She also stated that her brother accidentally bought the same newspaper for Millie’s birthday, but that it did not contain the same X-rated material.

Toni added: “They tried to replace it but I just said I would keep it just for the laughs.”

A spokesperson for Kmart said they are mortified by the error and will investigate the problem.

They said: “Our customers are at the heart of everything we do here at Kmart and our teams are committed to providing high quality products at low prices every day.

“This is why we are truly sorry – and extremely embarrassed – to hear about a client’s recent experience with our set of frozen dairy products 2.

“We hope this is an isolated incident, but we have decided to withdraw this item from sale just to be sure.”

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