Mother’s breast, Jenny can have it all if it is fresh. Sing a tribute to the shooting Dress up and cry (clip)

which made the Thais all over the country feel sad because of the incident. including people in the entertainment industry and most recently, a famous singer Jenny can have it all if it’s fresh. or Ratchanok Suwannaket has composed a song to pay tribute to the event

From Jenny, you can have it all if you’re fresh. he wrote and sang the song with the children at the record label, if it’s fresh and posted a clip on his own Facebook to show his condolences to the deceased along with the lyrics of the song

“No more heart smiles
when the child is gone A mother’s heart trembled.
You don’t leave without saying goodbye.
Oh boy, why did you take me away?
Low heart The child is gone, there is no turning back.
The mother was beating and crying.
What are you doing this time, are you okay? Are you still in shock?
The child must be sleeping in the cold, waiting for his mother.
I want to hug too much I can barely walk
how to live When a mother’s heart is broken
One last dream, before you leave, have a good night’s sleep.
#mother’s heart
The record label can be exhausted if it is refreshing.
My deepest condolences
with the shooting incident in Nong Bua Lamphu
Composer: Jenny can have it all if it’s fresh.

In such songs, Jenny can have it all if fresh. revealed that She was dressed and crying, while her husband, Jew Coronation Mongkol, came to comment under the clip saying: “How will parents live? May all the souls who lost their lives in this incident rest in peace and happiness.” And many fans were commenting on their condolences.

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