MotoGP 2020 Wants to Start, Dovizioso is a Broken Bones


Ducati racer Andrea Dovizioso being hurt. In the middle of preparation for heading MotoGP 2020, Dovizioso actually suffered a broken bone.

The incident was experienced by Dovizioso when attending a motocross race in Emilia Romagna, Italy on Sunday (6/28/2020). According to witnesses, the MotoGP runner-up for the past three years fell and landed hard on his left shoulder.

Autosport reported Dovizioso was then rushed to a hospital in Forli before being confirmed with a left collarbone fracture. The 34-year-old rider will undergo surgery tonight and local time in Modena to repair the injury.

Dovizioso’s injury really isn’t worrying. A spokesman for Ducati revealed that the injury can usually heal itself, but the team and Dovizioso decided to undergo surgery to be ready to carry out the first race at Jerez on July 19 next.

The withdrawal of the MotoGP 2020 start due to the corona virus pandemic forced this season to hold only 13 races. That means it would be a loss for Dovizioso if he had to be absent because of this kind of injury.

It also said that Ducati allowed Dovizioso to participate in motocross races. Not only Dovizioso really likes this sport, but also as part of training to prepare for MotoGP 2020.

Meanwhile, Ducati and Dovizioso still have not agreed on a new contract before the contract expires at the end of this year. Both parties are still deadlocked due to financial problems.

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