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The US government has implemented a number of export restrictions to hinder the development of China’s semiconductor industry, which has adversely affected the revenue of domestic semiconductor giants and other technology companies. In response to a drop in sales to China, US chipmaker Nvidia said it was supplying China with a new advanced chip, the A800, to replace the A100 graphics chip previously banned by the Commerce Department.



The US chip maker Nvidia confirmed on the 7th that it has provided a new advanced chip for the Chinese market, with the aim of continuing to provide services in the Chinese market without violating the US government’s restrictions on exporting chips to China .

Reuters quoted an Nvidia spokesperson as saying on the 8th that the Nvidia A800 chip was being produced in the third quarter of this year, mainly for the Chinese market, and its role was to replace the Nvidia A100 chip. Although both are graphics processing units (GPUs), the A800 meets US government standards for export control regulations, and the A100 model has been added to the export control list by the US Department of Commerce.

According to the report, the data transfer rate of the A800 chip is 400GB per second, which is lower than the 600GB per second of the A100, and the new US export control regulations limit the data transfer rate of the chip to 600GB the second. The Reuters report also said the high-end chips could cost thousands of dollars each.

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