Mr. Harrigan’s The Dead Phone (2022) Review: Friendship never dies

Mr. Phone Review Harrigan The Dead Phone (2022) Behind the Horror and Horror There is hidden growth When some relationships cannot be separated from each other You can watch it today on Netflix.

Mr. Phone Harrigan Dead Man’s Phone It’s a film that lets the audience know that horror films don’t always need a jump scare scene, just to add atmosphere. Allowing the story to continue indefinitely is equally terrifying from the audience’s perspective.

For the film Mr Harrigan’s Phone was directed by a master of “John Lee Hancock” (John Lee Hancock), who had directed the famous film in the past. The Blind Side (2009), Saving Mr. Banks (2013), The Founder (2016) a Men of the Road (2019) to be a director this time This could be called directing a first horror film.

Telephone Mr.  Harrigan Dead Man's Phone (2022)

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Another good thing about Mr Harrigan’s Phone is that the script is an adaptation of King If It Bleeds, the latest installment of Stephen King’s series of horror novels, published in 2020, and also stars Jaeden Martell, who played Bill Denbych in the film. IT IT coming out of hell to play as the main character in the story

just not enough The other main actor in the film is Donald Sutherland, who plays the role of President Snow from the film. The Hunger Games he also joined on the set. It can be called a conflict between the two actors.

| Mr Harrigan Dead Telephone Summary

Mr Harrigan’s Telephone is a story about a boy called Craig who is hired to read a book to the rich old Mr Harrigan at home.

It is safe to say that coming home to Mr. Harrigan was what gave Craig a break from bullying at school. With the close friendship of these two Make Craig buy an iPhone for Mr Harrigan as a present.

Mr. Phone  HarriganMr. Phone  Harrigan

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and then came the sad day When Harrigan died suddenly. On the day of Mr Craig’s funeral, he buried the iPhone he bought for the old man along with his lifeless body.

From the death of Mr. Harrigan this time. Making Craig’s life more tarnished. He could no longer bear the feeling of loss. Craig then sent a message to Mr Harrigan’s iPhone. After a few seconds, a message was sent back.

It appears that Craig is now able to contact the deceased Mr Harrigan via mobile phone. After that, many more strange things happened. It’s a mystery that Craig continues to solve. Why did a call from a dead man go straight to his phone?

Mr Harrigan's Dead Phone ReviewMr Harrigan's Dead Phone Review

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| Feelings After Watching Mr Harrigan’s Dead Phone

As for the rating of watching this movie, it shouldn’t be more than 5/10 because the whole movie has almost nothing. The first half of the story was very sluggish, tying everything to the mystery. and transcending the age but did not untie a single knot

Fortunately, the film has two actors from the old and new generation to help carry the whole story. That’s enough to make the movie something “watchable,” because the story, the script, the supporting characters, the supporting actors, nothing is as good as it should be by horror movie standards.

Dead Man's Phone (2022)Dead Man's Phone (2022)

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And with the theme of the film, along with the original novel by master horror writer Stephen King, audiences were terrified of their terrifying expectations. But when watching the end, nothing was as expected at all, so Ffon Mr. Harrigan ruined by criticism. and got a rating of only 6.1/10 from the IMDb website

Considered the worst horror film for Halloween 2022, it could become a lifelong stigma attached to director John Lee Hancock. But if anyone wants to test if this movie is as bad as many reviews. You can watch it today on Netflix.

Mr. Phone Review  HarriganMr. Phone Review  Harrigan

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