Mum, Nachu and Dad will miss you a lot; Indrajith says goodbye to his daughter

Everyone is familiar with the daughter of Indrajith Sukumaran and Poornima Mohan, the star couple of Malayalam cinema. Pratharta is known as a good singer rather than the daughter of the star couple. Pratharta decided to advance her career as a singer.

He has gone to London to study after prayer. Purnima and Indrajith have sent their daughter away for higher studies very emotionally. Purnima shared the video with the caption, ‘This is Rappadi, flying out of our nest… into the world of her musical dreams.

But Indrajith shared a photo with his daughter from college in London along with a heartfelt note.. “Pathu, may this be a new beginning and an exciting time for you to follow your dreams! I am happy and grateful that we were together during those times, I wish you all the best…Dad will always be proud of you. Mom, Nachu, Dad will miss you and your songs at home.. Fly high. God bless…” wrote Indrajith.

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