Musk Tesla’s AI Day unveils Optimus humanoid robot

The humanoid robot ‘Optimus’ was unveiled at the ‘Tesla AI Day’ event on the 30th (local time). video = Tesla

At the Tesla AI Day event held in Palo Alto, California on the 30th (local time), Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the humanoid robot ‘Optimus’.

“Mass-produced robots have the potential to transform civilization,” Musk said.

In a pre-production video, Tesla showed Optimus moving boxes and watering pots while walking around the office.

“I can actually do more than I just showed you, but I don’t want to show you falling on stage,” Musk said.

He added, “Current humanoid robots don’t have brains, so they can’t solve problems on their own.

Musk said, “The price of the robot will be less than 20,000 dollars (about 28 million won),” he said.

Tesla also unveiled the next generation Optimus at the event. According to Tesla, the robot, which weighs 73 kg, will have a 2.3 kWh battery pack mounted on its chest, and will have the ability to move its legs on its own with built-in chips and actuators.

If the first revealed prototype is a form where all the internal parts are exposed, this product is close to a finished product with its body covered with an exterior. However, this model is not a step you can walk on alone. “The model is not ready to walk yet, but it will be in a few weeks,” Musk said.

On the other hand, some say that the Optimus, unveiled today, is at an early stage compared to other humanoid robots that run, go up and down stairs, and even do some over turn

Shin Yong-hyun, reporter at [email protected]

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