My friend apologizes, Ae invites you to smile after bringing Arm’s photo to join the ghost mission. boil to remove the clip

I’m a father so I can’t take it but I can’t be scolded and delete the clip. My friend apologizes, Ae invites you to smile after bringing Arm’s photo to join the ghost mission. boil to remove the clip

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in the case of friends Arm Peeraphon or Arm, admin of ghost stories page. Son Ae invites Yim to bring Arm’s picture to join the mission to make content for ghost stories. until it was criticized as inappropriate

while The ghost story page, Arm friends have come out to apologize live. who brought a picture of an Arm to walk with Let’s do a mission. That was done as Arm intended. The team never thought ill, bringing Arm to earn a living. I’m sorry dad The father didn’t agree Dad came to open the event to remember Arm. On the page, brothers and sisters come together to remember Arm. Arm loves this work very much. Never neglected to do missions, still sick, no matter how hard it was, had to do it. It was wrong to bring the picture but he did not tell Father Ae that he would take him for a walk. lead in a bad way We have no bad intentions. Sorry about the page. to understand the same

I, Father Ae, am sorry for causing Father Ae to be harmed. Bring an Arm to win something or something. directly affect the father I want to explain and apologize Our intentions are made in memory of Braich. I don’t think the consequences will be harmful. society sorry That was done without thinking at all.

side eh, smile please A live broadcast talks about the case of Arm’s friend taking Arm’s photo to do content tours. At first, he asked his friends to draw a picture of the arm as the president for the friends from various pages to remember. It’s like giving Arm too. I thought there was no damage. I went to tell you what day my child burned. May FC bless him to rest in peace. Then I went back so I didn’t watch the live. When he found out in the morning again, I said Why are many things wrong? Draw the arm to do different missions too It doesn’t look good.

I got mad so I scolded the boys. The sisters said it was not intentional, so forgive them because we have been angry for many days. I don’t want to bring the story to another headache Delete the clip. I really don’t know. I’m a father, I can’t take it. But I cursed, couldn’t speak, so I deleted the clip. In the afternoon news came out, I was cursed, that I knew nothing about. that I make content

By October 5, 65, the funeral of Arm Peeraphon, 26 years old, son of Ae invites Yim at 17:00 at Seng Wai Temple.

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