Na In Woo is considering the lead role in KBS’s new romance drama See You After Work.

No In Woo Actors who are on the rise at the moment There is an opportunity to make a comeback performance for fans to follow again and again No In Woo must enlist in the military service soon He has also been approached for the lead role in the new KBS series, See You After Work

On August 12, a report from a South Korean news agency revealed that “Na In Woo was offered to star in the KBS drama See You After Work.” which is later the young actor’s Agency CUBE Entertainment explain that through the media “Na In Woo has received an offer to star in the KBS drama See You After Work and is currently being considered.”

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See You After Work is a romance series based on the online novel of the same name. It tells the love story between a woman who marries a dead man. with a man who fell in love with a woman who married a ghost But these stories are not always beautiful. When the whole story is full of misunderstanding Conspiracy and crime

In this series No In Woo consider taking the role Han Sung Joon Startup CEO Who is perfect in every way, but at the same time always has a cute corner hidden in it.

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past No In Woo Made a big impression on the audience. with continuous development potential Until he becomes another actor who is very much to watch immediately. he became better known from the series Queen Mr (2020) and The River Where the Moon Rises (2021) of the excellent acting skills from the series. As a result, he won the Best New Actor Award from the stage. KBS Drama Awards 2021 to win, and this year he has made an even bigger impression on the audience with performances in the series Jinxed First (2022) and Clean up (2022)

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