Nakarat, Wat Kao Petchnirand in the fight Muay Mun Sanan Muang

The results were weighed and looked at the torso inside. “Muay Man Sanan Muang” on Tuesday, October 4, this pair of Ek Nakarat Petchnakha meets Petchniran Dabran Sarakham in 126-pound capacity at Rangsit International Boxing Stadium, starting the first match at 6:00 pm on the channel. broadcasting

“Muay Mun Mun Sanan Muang” match for Tuesday, October 4, 2022, organized by the promoter Sia Boat Natthadej Wachirarattanawong, where the main pair is a meeting between Nakarat Petchnakha (Dang) and Petchnirand Sword Ran Sarakham (Blue) in the coordinates of 126 lbs.

weighing results

Match 1. coordinates 102 lbs.

????Wisuthrangsi Academy Kittipop press

???? Best pediatrician, beautiful car, Jet Sergeant Sai Priai, weighs 102.5, reduces .5

Match 2. The coordinates are 113 pounds.

???? Great art, beautiful car, Sergeant Jet Sai Pria, weighs 114.9, reduces 1.9

????Manee Daeng, Muay Thai fighter, weighs 113.7, reducing .7

Match 3. 128 pounds coordinates

????Absolutely, Por. Pong Sawang, weighing 127.8
???? Chaisaeng, Muay Ded 789, weighing 127.8

Match 4. 126 pounds coordinates (big couple)

???? Nakarat Phetnakha weighs 126.2, minus 2.
????Phet Nirand, Dan Sarakham, weighs as much as the coordinates.

Match 5. 116 pounds coordinates

???? Angel Noi T.Muang Thoen Muay Thai weigh in

???? Ek Art (Po-Te) Disciple of Chiang Rung, weighing 117.1, reduced by 1.2

Match 6. The coordinates are 117 pounds.

???? Yodthongchai Muay Thai fighter weighs 116.7

???? Leo Por Samranchai weighs 117.3, has decreased by .3

Match 7. Coordinates 120 lbs

???? Phet Phupha, student of Jae Daeng, weighs 120.3, reduce 3.
???? Yod Mongkol, beautiful car, Sergeant Jet Sai Priai, weighs 120.3, reduces .3

Match 8. Coordinates 126 pounds (Major)

???? Yod Seksan, beautiful car, Sergeant Jet Sai Priai, weighs 126.7, reduces .7
???? Lemon tea, Ubon Rajabhat University, weighing 126.3, reducing .3



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