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Reporter Wu Ruici/Comprehensive Report

Popular actor Nangong Min and his 12-year-old girlfriend Chen Yalin held a wedding in Seoul on the 7th. The two have been in love for 7 years, and their behavior is low-key. Even the a wedding is held in a private way. , feels Nangong Min’s protection for his love. The wedding started at 6:30 pm (5:30 pm Taiwan time), and relatives and friends posted pictures of the scene on IG The groom, Nangong Min, showed a shy and shy smile and looked at his wife who entered the location The atmosphere of the scene was full of pink.

▲ Nangong Min got married, and the wedding scene was exposed. (Photo / Retrieved from SPOTV NEWS)

Nangong Min’s wedding was held at the Shilla Hotel Since the ceremony was held privately, details such as the guest list were not revealed in advance, but earlier Korean media dug up his friends’ IG post and saw him appearing in a suit handsome black. His wife, Chen Yalin, appeared in a flat white wedding dress. Under everyone’s cheers, they looked at each other sweetly and kissed each other, giving warm cheers from the audience.

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▲ The wedding released Namgoong Min's proposal video and wedding photos.  (Photo / Retrieved from SPOTV NEWS)

▲ The wedding released Namgoong Min’s proposal video and wedding photos. (Photo / Retrieved from SPOTV NEWS)

Not only that, but an exclusive video was released of Nangong Min proposing to his girlfriend Chen Yalin at the wedding. The moment he knelt in front of the girl, Chen Yalin was moved by his sincerity, so moved that she covered his face with her hands and cried madly, all the guests in the venue. In addition, the Korean media revealed the wedding photos of the two at the same time. Nangong Min looked at his wife with a handsome smile, and Chen Yalin sat on his lap with a shy expression.

▲▼ Nam Gong Min is married.  (Photo / Retrieved from SPOTV NEWS)

▲ Nangong Min got married on the 7th. (Photo / Retrieved from Nangong Min IG)

The wedding of Nangong Min and his wife Chen Yalin of the century, congratulations to the singer Yunho and Changmin of TVXQ, and the emcee is the actor Ding Wensheng who collaborated with the groom Nangong Min in “Black Sun” Featured.

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