NBA: Theis is back with the Boston Celtics against the Miami Heat

German basketball pro Daniel Theis made a comeback with the Boston Celtics in the semi-finals of the North American professional league. The NBA record champions won 117: 106 against the Miami Heat and then reduced to 1: 2 in the Eastern Conference best-of-seven final series.

The night before the duel, Boston coach Brad Stevens reportedly summoned his best performers according to US broadcaster “ESPN” information to clear up misunderstandings at a reunion after the two initial losses. Stevens said: “I told my team that the result didn’t matter to me. It’s a lot more about how we present ourselves.”

In the third game, both the result and the attitude were right, the Celtics showed themselves significantly improved in all areas. Also, this time they took their lead over time. The Heat, on the other hand, had problems and only hit 39% of their shots on the pitch.

Jayson Tatum with 25 points and 14 rebounds and Jaylen Brown with 26 points showed excellent performance. Theis had eight points and seven rebounds in nearly 25 minutes.

The fourth match will take place on the night of September 24th. Before that, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets meet twice. Only one match has been played in the Western Conference final so far, with the Lakers leading 1-0.


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