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date New York last edition NDF One Month Change
2022-10-04 1,432.00 1,431.80 1,432.20

(Seoul = Yonhap Infomax) Reporter Kyu-sun Lee = It rose one month dollar-earning in the New York NDF market.

Foreign brokers reported on the 4th that the one-month contract won by a dollar was 1,432.00 won last night. Considering the recent one-month exchange point (-0.80 won), it is 2.60 won higher than the previous spot price in the Seoul Foreign Exchange Market (1,430.20 won).

The pound rebounded and the dollar weakened. The dollar index fell into the mid to late 111s.

British Prime Minister Liz Truss has withdrawn a tax cut that has caused turmoil in the financial markets. The pound-dollar exchange rate rose to 1.13 dollars.

US Treasury yields fell and New York stocks rose sharply.

Concerns about the financial soundness of Credit Suisse (CS) also raised concerns about bond purchases. Concerns about the financial health of CS grew as reports emerged that Swiss bank CS had approached investors to raise capital, and management told employees that the bank was now facing a critical moment.

Meanwhile, Federal Reserve officials continued their hawkish comments last night.

The dollar-yen exchange rate rose from 144.500 yen to 144.540 yen at the end of the Seoul exchange rate, and the euro-dollar exchange rate was 0.98260 USD.

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