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The third season of “Dark” came to an end On June 27, the platform of Netflix premiered the new installment that opened a greater number of possibilities on the expected conclusion of the German series, but the final episode offered the long-awaited answer. What happened?


Dark“, created by Baran bo Odar y Jantje Firese, has answered all the questions that were asked in the first two seasons. In that sense, he explained what was the origin of the cycle that happens over and over again, and it revolves everyone’s lives the characters of the triqueta (that symbol that groups the years 1953, 1986 and 2019).


In the last episode, Claudia Tiedemann go to the major version of Jonas Khanwald and he points out that this is the first time they have seen themselves this way, since it has never happened before in the cycle. For this moment, she tells him what is the way to end everything: prevent the worlds of Jonas and Martha from being created.

How were they created? According to Claudia, the watchmaker H. G. Tannhaus he has full responsibility for the creation of both worlds. As you remember, she told Charlotte about her family and revealed that her life changed from the traffic accident suffered by his son Mekas, accompanied by his wife and daughter in 1971.

His pain led him to try to change the facts in time and he built a time machine to prevent it from happening in 1986. However, it caused a split that — in turn — originated the temporal loop, time travel and abnormal relationships between Winden families in “Dark”.

Therefore, it was derived in the fight between Adam and Evan, who are represented by Jonas Khanwald and Martha Nielsen. The actions of both, from their youth to old age, are the ones that trigger the configurations of their worlds and that the cycle continues to occur, despite working to change it. The facts cannot occur otherwise in both worlds.


When the old woman Claudia Tiedemann tells how both worlds were created and ask Adam (Jonas) than close the cycle with a crack in time. In this, it was possible to avoid that H. G. Tannhaus give rise to both worlds, causing only the original to exist, where Regina would survive, since it is exempt from temporary entanglements in “Dark”.

Thus, Adam looks for Jonas and tells him to go after Martha Of the other world to find this unique moment in the universe and move to the birth of everything. When the watchmaker starts the machine, a wormhole opens between the three worlds, where young people meet their child counterparts. Although nothing else happens.

One night in 1971, Mekas has a fight with Tannhaus, since the latter lives concentrated on his studies on physics. The young man leaves his house enraged and is followed by his wife Sonja, who is carrying her daughter Charlotte. As you drive through torrential rain, in the middle of the road appear Jonas and Martha.

Mecca He manages to turn in another direction to avoid running over them and gets very scared out of his car. In that instant, Jonas explains that the bridge is closed. Unconvinced, he refers to a phrase by Isaac Newton that his father always said aloud in Dark: “What we know is a drop of water, what we ignore is the ocean”.

For his part, Martha He assures him that his father loves him and would do anything for him (until he creates two worlds without wanting to). Finally, Tannhaus’s son understands that the sign is quite clear and he decides to return to his father’s house to spend the night, and travel the next day.

When they both return, the accident never happens and neither the worlds of Jonas and Martha are created, because the old watchmaker no longer had reason to run the experiment. That’s how the infinite cycle of “Dark” closes, as well as his temporary trips and twisted relationships.

In his last moments, Jonas and Martha A few final words are devoted. Both are destined to disappear if neither of those worlds exists. The reason? Jonas is the product of time travel Mikkel Nielsen from 2019 to 1989, while Martha is the granddaughter of Tronte, the son of Agnes. And, according to the third season, the latter and its brother Noah are the result of relationship between Bartosz Tiedemann and Silja, hija de Hannah Kanhwald y Egon Tiedemann.

In other words, the existence of both causes an extremely complex temporary mess. At the end of Dark, we see disappear Jonas, Martha —as well as their adult and elderly versions— and Claudia fade into millions of particles, ending the two worlds that were created from the actions of H. G. Tannhaus.

In the final scene of “Dark”, se and a Regina, Katharina, Peter, accompanied by his partner Me, and Hannah, accompanied by her husband Torben. All of them are alive, in good health, and in the case of the former Michael Kahnwald are pregnant.

While they were celebrating a blackout occurs, which practically reminds (and at the same time does not) Hannah his life on other worlds. To play down she calls it a “déjà vu”But when Katharina asks if she has already thought of a name for her son, her answer makes it clear that it was not only that: “I believe Jonas It’s a cute name”.

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