Never disappoints. “Ping Pong Thongchai” breaks the new clothing cover Dawi Paris Fashion Week look.

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After the Milan Fashion Week event, the new girl – Davika flew straight to the Paris Fashion Week event. Straight away…seeing a slim model figure like this Top supermodels still have to look at the hammer!
While the new girl – Davika was beautiful at the Paris Fashion Week event. Friends in Thailand, Ping-Pong-Thongchai, did not give up, covered the clothes and hair perfectly…the new girl had to comment “You sure “.
Their children’s tears had just been dried, and when they arrived in Paris, Chompoo-Araya was immediately seated by her mother. Joy and world famous brands attended the fashion week. Feel like a night tiger or a heavenly angel, so confident!

Ready to face the truth Telling in tears about the reason he broke up with Thamthai Prangsil that after dating for 7 years, talking about the future. But he had no answer… Get it right, it hurts, but it’s over!
After listening to Four – Sakonrat speak, Young Thamthai came to the attention and replied that the cat can return it. but good feeling Sports bras and dresses and high heels won’t bring it back…let’s keep it in front of you!

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