New Powerbeats Pro Headphones Appear at FCC

Apple has been very active in recent years in the headphone and headset market. Since the acquisition of Beats, the Cupertino company has multiplied the products. For all categories. Today, a new benchmark of Powerbeats Pro headphones is emerging.

Last year, Apple advertised headphones Powerbeats Pro, headphones designed for the most active user who prefers headphones that fit very well on the ear and are water resistant while taking advantage of the freedom offered by a completely wireless solution. A foolproof resistance that is not offered by AirPods or AirPods Pro. A new model could arrive very soon.

New Powerbeats Pro Model Comes to the FCC

Not surprisingly, these headphones quickly became very popular. They were even very difficult to buy during the first months after their launch. That being said, if you are expecting a new generation today, you might be lucky as it looks like Apple is working on a new model. This is at least what suggests a new file appeared within the FCC, the independent American agency charged with regulating telecommunications as well as the contents of the emissions of radio, television and Internet.

Identical design and active noise reduction may appear

According to a report by Cult of Mac, it would seem that the FCC had in its hands a file concerning the successor to the Powerbeats Pro of 2019. Unfortunately, the details at this stage are very thin. Do we just know, or believe we know, that the design would be the same as the current model. It’s hard to know what changes Apple might have made, but if you were hoping for a new design, you might be disappointed. It is also possible that this new reference borrows a major feature of AirPods Pro, active noise reduction. Other than that, it’s hard to imagine what Apple could add or change. The information is to be taken with tweezers. Hopefully we will have more details in the near future.

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