New York reports first coronavirus death

Unfortunately, coronavirus deaths continue to rise in the United States. This Saturday morning It was revealed that an 82-year-old woman, who lived in Manhattan, became the first death in upstate New York.

The governor of the state, Andre Cuomo was in charge of spreading the news and, according to him, the woman would have had difficulty with the disease due to the contraction of the virus while fighting a respiratory disease.

The victim had pulmonary emphysema at the time of infection for coronavirus, and was admitted to hospital on March 3, according to Cuomo during a conference call he held this Saturday.

Increase to 534 cases

Further, Cuomo also alerted all the inhabitants of the state, this due to the increase in cases of coronavirus patients, has had an increase to 524 people containing the disease, an increase of 100 since Friday, in addition, 117 are hospitalized.

“The more tests we do, the more the number will increase. We believe there must already be more than thousands of casesMaybe even tens of thousands, ”Cuomo added during this morning’s conference call.

Finally, Cuomo concluded by establishing that New York is among the hardest-hit states in the United States. 150 of them in New York City, 35 in Manhattan, 26 in Queens, 24 in Brooklyn, 13 in the Bronx and five in Staten Island.

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