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News from Germany: Special forces storm the wrong apartment

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Note: Current news about the Corona virus in Germany can be found here.

Dorsten: SEK storms the wrong apartment – two-year-old witness

Special police forces stormed a family father’s apartment in Dorsten (NRW) on Tuesday evening. He was cutting a watermelon when the policemen with balaclava and machine guns appeared in the living room and fixed him on the floor. In front of his two and a half year old daughter. Shortly afterwards it was clear: the SEK was wrong in the apartment. The person we were looking for was therefore the neighbor of the 43-year-old father. And, according to the police, he was startled by the noise shortly afterwards in the stairwell to find out what was going on. The officers recognized the 25-year-old and released the man on the ground.

Source: DPA

Bitterfeld-Wolfen: ICE runs at 200 kph against hind

An ICE collided with a hind on the Hamburg-Munich railway line. Near Bitterfeld-Wolfen, the driver noticed an impact at a speed of 200 at late Wednesday evening, as the Federal Police announced on Thursday in Magdeburg. He initiated an emergency stop, the train stopped after about 1.6 kilometers. All 94 passengers and two train employees on the train were unharmed.

The investigation revealed that the train had collided with the hind. The animal lay dead on the track. The ICE was badly damaged at the front, but was able to continue to Bitterfeld station at a slower pace around midnight. There the travelers changed the train. Because of the accident, subsequent traffic was considerably impaired.

Source: DPA

Schweinfurt: Germany’s thickest lynx died

news germany - lynx

Lynx “Rufus” in his enclosure (archive picture)

Its overweight has made “Rufus” famous: as the thickest lynx in Germany. Media reported about him worldwide. Now the aged animal has died in the game park in Schweinfurt, Bavaria. “Today he would have been 15 years old,” said manager Thomas Leier on Wednesday. Rufus said he had had health problems for months – due to his age and overweight he suffered from heart failure and shortness of breath.

On March 13, “Rufus” deteriorated so much that Leier let him sleep with a heavy heart. “Rufus” ‘s death only announced the city on Wednesday due to the corona pandemic.

“Rufus” came to Schweinfurt from a Swedish zoo in April 2006 and took care of a lot of offspring there. After castration and a fracture of the metatarsus, “Rufus” increased significantly. “He was fat,” said Lyre. At times, the big cat weighed more than 43 kilograms. For a lynx, 16 to 30 kilos are normal.

A photo that showed the fat lynx in an unfavorable Buddha pose went through the media in 2018. A year later an American fast food chain advertised his picture. “He has become so famous,” said Leier. The wildlife park in the meantime prescribed “Rufus” a slimming program with low-fat meat and more exercise, causing the kilos to tumble. He remained overweight until the end.

Source: DPA

Frankenthal: Attack on Hockenheimer OB – Justice closes investigation

and ten months after the attack on the then mayor of Hockenheim, Dieter Gummer (SPD), the Frankenthal public prosecutor’s office stopped the investigation. The traces had been evaluated, but the culprit could not be found, said a spokesman for the prosecution in the Palatinate city on Thursday.

Gummer had been struck down by an unknown person in the courtyard of his house in Böhl-Iggelheim (Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis) on July 15, 2019 and suffered, among other things, brain hemorrhages. The politician had been mayor of Hockenheim (Baden-Württemberg) since 2014 and retired on schedule in August 2019. The SWR had also reported on the step taken by the judiciary.

“There were no usable traces at the scene of the crime, and the questioning of the neighbors did not reveal anything either,” said the Justice Spokesman for the German Press Agency. A motif was also not found. In addition, the suspended reward of 5000 euros did not lead to a decisive hint.

Source: DPA

Gefrees: Truck driver numbs toothache with alcohol

A truck driver in Upper Franconia wanted to numb his severe toothache with a lot of alcohol. The 39-year-old drank so much that he drove with his 40-tonner on the Autobahn 9 at Gefrees in the Bayreuth district, as the police said on Thursday. Officials pulled him out of circulation and found a good 2.5 per mille in an initial test. The investigators pulled in his driver’s license and then helped him to relieve the pain: they arranged for treatment of a broken tooth at a dentist.

Source: DPA

Pirna: Attacks on police officers during Corona demo

Police officers were attacked during a demonstration in Pirna, Saxony, against the corona requirements. An official was injured in the confrontation on Wednesday evening, the police said. The police reportedly moved with a contingent of 190 officers to stop the illicit gathering of around 200 people. As a result, about 30 participants attacked the security forces. A little later, the demonstrators dispersed.

The police reportedly initiated eight criminal cases, including for peacekeeping, assault and police insult. The local police director, Hendrik Schlicke, appealed to peaceful participants in demonstrations against the corona restrictions to “distance themselves from those who use violence”.

Source: DPA

Darmstadt: 45-year-old dies in a burning car after an accident

A 45-year-old died in his burning car in Hesse after an accident. The car crashed into a tree off a country road between Mörlenbach and Bonsweiher and caught fire, as the police in Darmstadt announced on Wednesday evening. The driver could no longer be saved from his vehicle. He was traveling alone.

How the accident came about was unclear. The public prosecutor’s office in Darmstadt commissioned an expert to clarify the matter. The accident site remained completely closed for around four hours.

Source: AFP

Staubingen: Another corona outbreak in slaughterhouse

Staubingen: Another corona outbreak in slaughterhouse with 1,000 employees

Germany: Export permits for German small arms have increased significantly

Despite new restrictions, export permits for small arms in Germany rose significantly last year. The federal government allowed the export of machine guns, pistols and similar weapons for 69.49 million euros. This corresponds to an increase of 79 percent compared to the previous year (38.91 million euros) and is the highest value since 2013. However, the ban on the export of small arms to so-called third countries outside the EU and NATO in mid-2019 has been almost completely implemented. This emerges from a response from the Federal Ministry of Economics to a request from the left-wing foreign politician Sevim Dagdelen and other members of her parliamentary group, which is available to the German Press Agency.

Source: DPA

news from Wednesday, May 13th

Herne: Excavator operator falls into a pit eight meters deep

Paramedics and firefighters prepare an injured excavator driver for his recovery

North Rhine-Westphalia, Herne: Paramedics and firefighters prepare an injured excavator driver for his recovery.

A 23-year-old excavator operator from Bavaria fell into a pit about eight meters deep on a construction site in the Ruhr area town of Herne. The cause of the accident remained unclear on Wednesday evening, as the police in Bochum announced. The seriously injured man from Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz was recovered by the Herne fire department and taken to a hospital. The emergency call was received at 5.40 p.m. Since it is an accident at work, the responsible office for occupational safety takes over the investigation.

Source: DPA

Munich: counterfeit money printer excavated

The police have arrested a counterfeiter in the Freising district near Munich. During searches in several objects of the 24-year-old, counterfeit money with a total face value of 145,000 euros and various materials were confiscated, the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office said on Wednesday. It is a case of the execution of a crime that is unique in Germany.

The suspect is said to have bought counterfeit money, so-called prop-copy banknotes, on the Internet and then resold it since the beginning of the year. These counterfeit banknotes generally have no or inadequate security features and also bear the words “Prop Copy” or “Copy”. In addition to the resale of these counterfeit banknotes, the man had meanwhile started manufacturing counterfeits himself, the investigators explained. Various materials and printers were confiscated.

Source: DPA

Hamburg: Articulated bus races into the station

Bus crashes into the station and gets stuck over the escalator

In Hamburg, a bus driver apparently lost control of her vehicle on Monday for unknown reasons. As a result, the vehicle broke through an outer wall of Bergedorf station and got stuck inside on an escalator, as pictures of the scene of the accident show. The “Mopo” reports, referring to the police, of two injuries, among them the driver. A passerby was also injured. There were no passengers on the bus. The cause of the accident was initially unclear. The bus just missed the passersby, said a fire department spokesman. He was injured by flying glass fragments. The fire department is on site with a large contingent. The operator of the regular bus, Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein (VHH), announced on Twitter that the station could not be reached at the moment.

Fire fighters secure an articulated bus

The rear part of the articulated bus protrudes from the station building

Source:Mopo“, DPA

Hagen in Bremen: Man has been driving a car without a license for 16 years

For 16 years a man from Hagen in Bremen (Lower Saxony) drove a car without a license. The police only noticed it during an inspection on Tuesday, as the authority announced on Wednesday. At first, the 59-year-old had tried to pretend to be the officials as someone else. The lie was exposed. The police prohibited him from continuing. The man now has to face criminal charges for driving without a license. Since he was still drunk with more than 0.5 per alcohol and had a large knife within reach in the car, administrative offenses against him were initiated.

Source: DPA

Bonn / Troisdorf: Police search apartments for attack on police in supermarket

After an attack on two police officers in a supermarket in Troisdorf (the star Police) searched the homes of the two suspects on Wednesday. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the Bonn public prosecutor’s office on AFP request. At first, nothing was known about the possible results of the searches. In the case that occurred in the supermarket last Saturday, the state police of the Bonn police meanwhile are investigating. According to earlier police reports, the officers were called to the supermarket on Saturday afternoon because there had been a dispute between employees and two men over the requirement to wear a mask. The two men – according to the prosecutor, a 25-year-old from Bonn and a 37-year-old from Troisdorf – refused to wear masks.

During the subsequent police operation, the two officers were attacked by the men. The two suspects were taken to the police station after the crime. However, they were released because there were no grounds for detaining them. State security is now examining a possible political motive for the crime. According to media reports, a video with sequences of the attack was posted on the Internet. Possible connections to the Reich citizens’ scene would be examined.

Source: AFP

Dresden: Raid on Bundeswehr soldier after information from military shielding service

According to a notice from the Military Shield Service, the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) in Saxony raided a 45-year-old Bundeswehr soldier. The man was accused of violating the War Weapons Control Act, the lead Attorney General in Dresden said on Wednesday. Accordingly, LKA officers, together with Leipzig police officers and officers from the Saxon riot police, searched the man’s home in the district of North Saxony. Extensive evidence had been confiscated during the raid. The evaluation of the evidence and further investigations continued, according to the information.

Source: DPA

Berlin: Man pushes dead elderly woman in wheelchair into hospital and disappears

A bizarre case concerns the Berlin police. There, a man had asked a woman at DRK Clinic Westend for help for his wife, who was in a wheelchair. As the officials reported on Wednesday, the incident happened on April 26 at around 9 p.m. The man said the woman was short of breath. Then he immediately left the rescue center. When the woman was examined, it was found that she had been dead for at least one day. Now the police are looking for witnesses. The woman is described as follows:

  • about 80 to 95 years old
  • about 1.57 meters tall
  • about 40 kilograms

The stranger only has to have been lying or sitting at least in the last months of life. As there are no papers or ID documents for the deceased, the police ask their website for the help of the population. Warning: A photo shows the dead elderly woman and could therefore be disturbing to some readers.

News from Germany: The police in Berlin are looking for witnesses

Do you know this wheelchair? The Berlin police are looking for witnesses in the case of a dead elderly woman.

The missing person asks:

  • Who can provide information about the deceased woman shown in the photo?
  • Who has ever seen the self-made wheelchair covered with green velvet fabric?

Information is available on 030/4664 912444 or at any other police station.

Source: Police Berlin

Hanau: Further arrests after knife attacks

After knife attacks in Hanau at the end of April, two other suspects were arrested. As the police and prosecutor announced on Wednesday, two 25-year-olds were put in an apartment in Hanau and in the East Hessian Maintal-Bischofsheim, who are said to be connected to the crime. Those who have now been arrested come from the area of ​​an already imprisoned 23-year-old. When ransacking the apartment, the officials seized several knives, among other things.

At the request of the Hanau public prosecutor’s office, the two 25-year-olds will be brought before a judge. The public prosecutor’s allegation is multiple attempted homicides and attempted dangerous bodily harm.

Several groups were injured in a clash between two groups at the end of April. A 23-year-old Albanian and a 26-year-old Syrian are in custody. At first, no information could be given about the size of the two groups and the exact origin of the conflict.

Source: DPA

Duisburg: Children attack a woman with walking difficulties

Three primary school children attacked a woman with walking difficulties in Duisburg and stole her handbag. According to the police, the eight to ten year old children intercepted the 55 year old when she tried to leave the house with her walker. They brutally pushed the woman aside, grabbed her handbag and fled to a nearby park. All three are said to have been dressed in dark clothes. The Criminal Investigation Commissioner 13 receives information from witnesses at 0203-2800.

Source: Police Duisburg

Brunsbüttel: After 26 years without a “rag” – bikers are fed up with lying

In the end, a 50-year-old’s guilty conscience was too big. A police patrol had already checked the biker in March. He couldn’t show a driver’s license. He left it at work, he whispered and got away with a fine. He was asked to present his driver’s license at a police station. After that, the offending biker was swallowed up by the ground. For good reason. Research by the police showed that he had had to hand over his “rag” in 1994 and has apparently been away since then. Troubled by his guilty conscience, the man appeared at a police station to “clear the table”. The police report said that he had had enough of the lie game. After admitting that he had been driving without a license for years, he cycled away.

Source: Brunsbüttel police

Düsseldorf: Mask dispute provokes – police suspect trap

The scuffle in a supermarket, in which two police officers were seriously injured on Saturday, is said to have been deliberately provoked by the suspects. According to information from the German Press Agency, there are suspicions that the two officers were lured into a trap by two men. One of the two filmed the argument with a so-called body cam and later put part of it on the Internet.

The video shows the suspect discussing with the camera with the police in several languages ​​because he does not want to show his ID. The second man – now with a cloth over his mouth – pretends to be a translator and intervenes. Ultimately, the situation escalates and the “translator”, already brought down, hits one of the officials in the face. At the end of the film, the following sentence was added: “I am a person, I do not need an identity card”. State security in Berlin has taken over the investigation and is examining the suspect’s connections to the so-called Reich Citizens’ Scene.

The men are being investigated for willful physical harm and assault on police officers. They were initially released due to a lack of grounds for detention.

Source: DPA

Parthenstein: Truck driver saves colleagues with risky braking maneuvers

With a daring braking maneuver, a truck driver on Autobahn 14 in the Leipzig district near Parthenstein may have saved an unconscious colleague in another truck from worse. The 58-year-old had health problems on Tuesday evening, lost control of his vehicle, crashed into the central guardrail and slid about 500 meters along, the police said. A 23-year-old truck driver noticed the unconscious man behind the wheel, swerved in front of him with his truck, and brought the vehicle to a stop with braking. According to the police, this has prevented major injuries and damage to property. The 58-year-old came to a hospital for treatment.

Source: DPA

news from Tuesday, May 12th

Cologne: customer pays ridiculous price for high-end grill – then an employee is taken aback

Because she is said to have sneaked into a high-quality grill in a hardware store for less than 40 euros, a woman had to answer before the Cologne district court on Monday. As the “Kölner Express” reported, the 40-year-old had paid the gas grill worth 899 euros at the supermarket’s self-service checkout and had left. “I was happy that the grill cost so little,” the woman said in court. She assumed a computer error. And she couldn’t do anything about that, she explained to the judge – apparently without being aware of any guilt. The prosecution saw it quite differently. According to their investigations, the customer had scanned the price tag of a printed canvas instead of the price tag for the grill at the cash register. A shop detective, who was invited as a witness, claimed to have discovered a cut-out label in the art prints department on the day of the crime. In addition, the suspect targeted the self-service checkout, although a checkout in the garden area of ​​the market would have been much closer. The prosecution could no longer prove that the original label was pasted over. So the trained nurse got away with a small circulation of 200 euros. The judge even wanted to stop the trial without this “memo”.

Source: “Cologne Express”

Wernrode: One dead and one seriously injured after an accident at the blasting site

A serious accident occurred at an explosive site in Wernrode in Thuringia in the early Tuesday afternoon. According to the police, a 58-year-old employee was fatally injured. His 52-year-old colleague had to be hospitalized with severe injuries. The cause of the accident is still unclear. It looks as if pyrotechnics should be disposed of on the site of the company for the disposal of ordnance, the police said in Nordhausen. Investigators are currently assuming an accident. Details of the process were initially unknown. The blasting site is used, among other things, to destroy old ammunition in a controlled manner.

Source: Police Thuringia

Frankfurt: Police arrest man for homicide in 2016

Successful investigation for Frankfurt police: As the officials and the public prosecutor’s office in Darmstadt announced on Tuesday, there was an arrest in a four-year-old homicide. On the morning of August 10, 2016, the body of a 56-year-old woman was found on a green area in the Nieder-Eschbach district. Last Wednesday, a man was arrested in this regard, who is suspected of being responsible for the death of the woman. The 23-year-old is a man from Büttelborn who is said to belong to the personal environment of the deceased. After his arrest, he was brought before the magistrate at the Groß-Gerau district court, who ordered the execution of the pre-trial detention. The investigation is ongoing.

Source: Police Frankfurt am Main

Bremen: Baby is born on a regular bus

But someone was in a hurry: In Bremen a woman gave birth to her child in a public bus. As the fire brigade reported, the emergency call came in from the control center of Bremer Straßenbahn AG on Tuesday morning at 5.21 a.m. “Come quickly, onset of birth!”. The expectant parents were therefore on the way to the Bremen-Nord Clinic because of the impending birth by bus line 94. But the little boy was obviously in a hurry. In such a hurry that the ambulance only arrived at the scene after the birth, even though it was there after around ten minutes. The boy was in excellent health, the emergency services said. As a precaution, the parents and their newborn baby were transported to a clinic by ambulance.

Source: Fire brigade Bremen

Limburg: Ax murder trial has started

Seven months after the brutal attack on a woman in Limburg with a car, ax and hatchet, the murder process against her husband began. At the beginning of the trial on Tuesday before the Limburg District Court, the defense announced a statement by the defendant for the next day of the trial. The 34-year-old had the 31-year-old with a rented, according to the charge of the public prosecutor in October 2019 Started the car and then hit her with the hatchet and ax. The investigators assume about 18 blows against the head and neck area. The woman had already suffered fatal injuries in the collision.

The prosecutor’s office accuses the defendant of, among other things, insidious and low-motivated murder. The investigators see the motive in the separation of the couple: The accused wanted to punish his wife for leaving him with the two children together and for opposing his wishes. The family had lived in Rhineland-Palatinate. At the time of the crime, the woman lived in a Limburg women’s shelter. The accused is a German citizen, the woman was from Tunisia.

The accused sits in the courtroom next to his lawyer

The accused sits in the courtroom next to his lawyer

Source: DPA

Karlsruhe: Life sentence in Susanna murder final

The conviction of the accused in the rape and murder trial of 14-year-old Mainz student Susanna F. is final. In a decision published on Tuesday, the Federal Court of Justice rejected its appeal against the judgment of the Wiesbaden Regional Court. This had sentenced Iraqi Ali B. to life imprisonment in July 2019.

The accused Ali B. hides his face from the journalists' cameras on the dock

Ali B. was sentenced to life in prison in Susanna in late October

Source: AFP

Werder: Wife dies after argument – suspect husband seriously injured

A 40-year-old died in Werder (Havel) after an argument with her husband. Her 64-year-old husband is said to have acted on her several times after a verbal argument and tried to drown her in a pond, she said police shortly after the fact on Monday evening. Despite immediate resuscitation measures, the severely injured 40-year-old died on the property in Brandenburg.

Source: AFP

The man then fled with his car. The police searched for him – even with a helicopter. On an industrial site in nearby Plötzin, he hit the wall of a house and suffered serious injuries. He was taken to a clinic. A homicide commission is now investigating manslaughter. What it’s about argument was still unclear.

News from Germany: Accident car in Werder

The man crashed his car on an industrial site

Source: DPA

Thuringia: Twelve year old girl missing since Sunday

The police in Thuringia are looking for a twelve-year-old girl. Sophie Hasenohr disappeared on Sunday after visiting her grandmother. The girl is described as follows:

  • age-appropriate appearance
  • about 1.58 meters tall
  • Long, dark blonde hair with natural curls reaching down to the buttocks

Most recently, she wore light blue leggings, a white t-shirt with a blue ball and red lettering, and white sneakers that are trimmed in black at the back and have a green flower on the side. Please inform the Kripo Erfurt at 0361/7443 2461 or 0361/7443 1465 or any other police station.

The adolescent is probably accompanied by an 18-year-old, who is described as follows:

  • about 1.70 meters tall
  • slim figure
  • black neck-length hair, slightly curly

Most recently, he wore a black top, white sneakers with red stripes, and a black baseball cap with red flash.

Missing since Sunday: twelve-year-old Sophie Hasenohr

Missing since Sunday: twelve-year-old Sophie Hasenohr

Source: Police Thuringia

Bad Hersfeld: Car gets on A4 under truck driver seriously injured

In the night of Tuesday, a serious accident occurred on the A4 at 0:40 a.m. A 51-year-old driver from Hirzenhain (Wetteraukreis) drove between a junction in Bad Hersfeld and the Kirchheim motorway triangle in a slope area onto a trailer of a truck loaded with general cargo. After the impact, the accident wagon rolled backwards across all three lanes and then came to a halt on the concrete anti-skid wall and the left lane. The driver was able to free himself from the vehicle wreck. He was taken to hospital after receiving serious injuries. The 43-year-old driver of the truck remained unharmed and got away with the horror. Due to the rescue and salvage measures, the A4 had to be blocked for about 90 minutes in the direction of Kirchheim.

Source: Police in East Hesse

Dortmund: Youth injured slightly in fire

In Dortmund Seven young people were slightly injured in a fire on Monday evening. As the police reported on Tuesday morning, they were at Gut Brünninghausen at Dortmund’s Rombergpark. Two of them set fire to a wooden pallet and garbage on the second floor of an empty and dilapidated building. This quickly developed into a larger fire that the youngsters could no longer extinguish themselves. Three of them fled initially, but at 7:05 p.m. alarmed the fire brigade and returned to the site. The Firefighters put out the fire. Four of the adolescents suffered slight smoke gas poisoning. The emergency services delivered her to hospitals, which she was able to leave after outpatient treatment. The Guts building has been empty for many years. There was no material damage to the building. The criminal police are investigating.

Source: Dortmund police

news from Monday, May 11th

Düsseldorf: 16-year-old on trial for attempted manslaughter

She is said to have rammed two craft scissors into the chest of a 13-year-old: A 16-year-old has been at the Düsseldorf district court since Monday for attempted manslaughter. According to the indictment, the crime occurred in September 2018 outside of a residential group. The reason is said to have been a dispute between the youth clique of the then 14-year-olds and the victim. The group of eight is said to have first thrown glasses and sticks at the 13-year-old. Then the accused allegedly attacked the boy with the two scissors to kill him, as the charges say. The 15-year-old boy was only slightly injured at the time.

A 16-year-old member of the clique is also accused of assault, the other alleged accomplices are not. At the time of the crime, they were under age. For reasons of youth protection, the process takes place in camera. The defense lawyers announced that the two defendants will comment on the allegations. Two more trial days with numerous witnesses are scheduled for May 15. A trial of attempted murder of another student had begun at the same court last week.

Source: DPA

Geldersheim: Dog seriously injures five-year-olds

Long-term visit to Mother’s Day: A five-year-old boy was attacked by a dog and seriously injured in his grandmother’s house in Geldersheim near Schweinfurt. The Old English Bulldog jumped on the child and bit his arm, the police said on Monday. The grandmother and her husband had taken the dog out of the shelter for a trial just a few weeks earlier, a police spokesman said.

The boy was with his mother on a Mother’s Day visit to Grandma. The dramatic incident occurred. After previously unsuccessful attempts, the grandmother’s husband managed to separate the dog from the child’s arm. The five-year-old was driven to the hospital in an ambulance.

The dog is now back in the shelter. The Old English Bulldog is not an animal of those breeds that are on the list of dangerous dogs.

Source: DPA

Emsbüren: Ship collapses canal bridge

Bridge news from Germany

The middle part of the damaged bridge was levered out of the ship and fell into the water.

Has on the Dortmund-Ems Canal ship on Monday near Emsbüren in Lower Saxony collapsed a canal bridge. As the police report, an 85-meter cargo ship headed south hit the bridge. “During the impact, the middle section of the canal overpass was levered out of the socket and plunged into the waterway,” the message says. Initial investigations therefore suggest that the unloaded ship had too little ballast and the bow protruded too far from the water. The crew was waiting for the police, the ship had to go back to the previous lock. The affected section of the canal was temporarily closed to shipping. “When and how the bridge element lying in the water can be recovered is still completely unclear,” said the police. And further: “The damage should go into the millions.” As far as was known, no one was injured in the incident.

Source: Police inspection Emsland / Grafschaft Bentheim

Sonnefeld: Biker escapes from the police at 200 km / h

A biker in southern Thuringia and Upper Franconia was significantly faster, but not smarter than the police allow. The motorcyclist engaged in a wild chase with the officials at more than 200 kilometers per hour. As the police reported on Monday, he raced with a second person on a motorcycle first on federal road 303 near Sonnefeld (Coburg district) at 129 kilometers per hour by measuring the speed.

When the officials chased the biker, he passed several times in oncoming traffic. He then switched to Autobahn 73 towards Suhl in Thuringia. There he sped off. However, the officials noted the number plate of the motorcycle. There are also initial findings on the driver. The police are now investigating the traffic hooligan.

Source: DPA

Augsburg: Woman throws sushi at her husband

In a dinner dispute, a woman pelted her husband in Augsburg on Saturday. As the police reported, the wife is said to have raged so much about her husband’s alcohol consumption that the neighbors heard the argument and called in the officials. The tangible marriage dispute escalated when the woman threw sushi rolls at her husband. Accordingly, a patrol moved out and found the couple, who had calmed down in the meantime and agreed to spend the night separately. Since there was no crime, the officials moved away after a clarifying conversation with the two brawlers.

Source: Augsburg police

Münster: 33-year-old dies of stab wounds

On Saturday evening in Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, a 33-year-old was so badly injured with a knife in front of a house that he died shortly afterwards in a hospital. As the police report, a 61-year-old resident of the house is suspected of teaching the man the fatal injuries. Witnesses had reported an argument between the men. The dispute had taken place in front of the suspect’s house, which may have been caused by a noise in the boy’s loud phone call. “In a first police questioning, the accused conceded an argument with the 33-year-old. However, he only wanted to defend himself against the deceased,” said the police. According to the findings of the police to date, the two men apparently did not know each other. The 61-year-old was arrested in his apartment and is now in custody.

source: Police Münster

Munich: man falls 100 meters and dies

A 61-year-old fell and died 100 meters deep on Sunday while hiking with his family. The fatal accident occurred at Schliersee in the Munich district. Due to an unknown cause, he suddenly lost his footing and fell 100 meters, according to the police. He died later at the accident site. The body was recovered from a rescue helicopter.

Source: Police Upper Bavaria

Greiz: District maintains ban on visits

In the Greiz district in Thuringia, which is particularly affected by the coronavirus, a visit ban to inpatient care facilities should continue to exist despite planned nationwide easing. This was announced by a spokeswoman for the district office on Monday. Further decisions on how to deal with the pandemic should only be made after a special working group from the Ministry of Health made recommendations on Tuesday.

A new Corona regulation is due to come into force in Thuringia on Wednesday. So far, this has also provided for a gradual relaxation of the previous ban on visits to inpatient care facilities and special forms of living for people with disabilities.

Source: DPA

In the video: NRW has all slaughterhouse employees tested for the corona virus

Video: NRW has all slaughterhouse employees tested

Read news from Germany from the week of May 4th to May 10th 2020 here.


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