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Space X is an American private space transportation company founded by PayPal founder Elon Musk. Although it was only established 20 years ago, it has achieved great advances in rocket technology and has become the focus of public attention.

How did Musk do it in such a short time? In “The Keys to Good Strategy,” strategy authority Richard Rumette argues that SpaceX’s success lies in its grasp of the problem and its insight into how to overcome it.

Posted by Richard Rumette

Entrepreneur Elon. musk (Elon Musk) was one of his passions to colonize Mars, and he advocated sending small payloads to Mars to achieve this idea.2001In 2008, he visited Russia to buy an old Russian rocket, but in the process he was dissatisfied with the other party’s negotiating style and increased the price three times during the negotiations. He started exploring the problem:Why does it cost so much to put a payload into orbit.

A detailed study of the challenge revealed that the cost issue was clearly the fact that the rockets could no longer be recycled, which is one rocket per payload. Musk believes that the key point of the cost issue is re-entry, how to do it r rocket running at the speed of an hour 1,8000 Why not pass through the atmosphere, avoid the scorching furnace and return to earth? To allow the old space shuttle to be recycled and reused, the large wings must be 3,5000 A piece of insulation tile, each piece of insulation tile must function perfectly, after each flight must be carefully checked, and then each piece of insulation tile is put back in its special position. In this way, the space shuttle thrusters should be recyclable and reusable, but when they are dropped into the ocean, the space shuttle thrusters will be too damaged to be recovered and u reuse.

So it seems cheaper to throw away a rocket than to build a rocket and reuse it.

You can think of this challenge as resting your toes and left foot on the dog butt rock wall, bending your body back, and thrusting your chest and abdomen forward towards the arc of the rock face: Release your fingers and reach up to grab that half What’s the trick to a stone cantaloupe?

The concept of a pivot point is to focus attention on a critical issue; strategy is to combine policy and action to overcome a major challenge; the art of strategy is to define a critical problem that can be overcome, and to see or design a way. through it.. key point method.

Focusing on recyclability and re-entry, Musk had an insight: fuel is much cheaper than vehicles, and by carrying more fuel, the rocket’s return to Earth can be slowed down, avoiding the extreme heat encountered during re-entry. huge complexity entry. Like many sci-fi stories of the past, Musk imagined a rocket turning around, starting the first engine to slow down and land. There is no hot furnace for re-entry, the outer layer of the vehicle will not be charred, and the process is automated without human intervention. The point is to build a rocket engine that can start and stop reliably and adjust power correctly.

As far as organizations are concerned, a common way to overcome or pass critical points is through a high level of focus, using elements of a multitude of strengths, knowledge and skills. For strategists,Attention is not just focusing, but applying the source of power to a chosen target.

If the power is too weak, nothing will happen; if the power is strong, but spread over many objects, it will not be effective; if the power is concentrated, but focused on the wrong object, it is completely useless. A breakthrough happens when the force is focused on the right goal.

Musk Yu 2002 Year of foundation X space , developed a coherent and focused policy. Its rocket will be completely redesigned in a low-cost, economical manner, rather than a modified ICBM,X space Nor are there thousands of contractors (a contractor), its vehicles will not attempt to orbit the Earth to satisfy the USAF.X space Without a large group of scientists who want to explore the universe, and without a fancy R&D lab, the challenges Musk focuses on are engineering, not scientific.

Unlike NASA (NASA),X spaceNot on a mission to inspire children to study science and maths.X space The first step in exploration and pursuit is a single-minded, high-minded focus on cost reduction.

Many questioned Musk, arguing that a low-cost approach would sacrifice reliability, and he responded only from an engineer’s perspective:

Many people ask us, “Does the reliability decrease when the cost is reduced?” This is complete nonsense. Ferraris are expensive and unreliable. But I’ll bet you $1,000 for $1, you’re going to buy a Honda Himy and drive it for a year with no problems.You can get cheap and reliable cars, and the same goes for rockets.

To keep costs down, Musk has focused on simplicity of engineering and manufacturing, as well as limiting subcontractors (subcontractors)Number of.falcons 9 carrier rocket (Hawk 9) using an Ethernet data bus instead of a conventional design, his own machine shop builds special models at a much lower cost than aerospace contractors.

The work of the big contractors is basically quite boring as most of the work is subcontracted and the contractors mainly deal with the government. On the contrary,X space Engineers are stressful but not boring.

X space The first commercial voyage of 2009 In 2008, Malaysia’s observation satellite was launched into orbit. But the company’s revolutionary creation began 2015 year, falcon 9 The carrier rocket was the first rocket ever to orbit its payload, start its engines, slowly reenter the atmosphere, and land quietly on the tail.

arrive 2018 year, falcon 9 The cost per pound of the rocket to carry the payload into low orbit is cheaper than previous space shuttles 23 times, its Falcon Heavy sibling (Heavy Falcon) put the hawk 9 The cost per pound of the carrier rocket was cut in half (see < chart 2>).

Cost per pound of a carrier rocket to carry its payload into low orbit (USD 2018)

2020 year 5 moon 20 day,X space Carry two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station. In early June of the same year, NASA approved X space Reusing Falcons in future missions 9 transport rocket, and the future Dragon manned capsule (Crew of the Dragon) plan.

NASA estimates that going to Mars will take $2,000 $100 million, while Musk estimates that it will cost only $90 One hundred million US dollars, this advantage derives primarily from a coherent and coherent policy focused on simplicity, reusability and cost. If Congress or the bureaucracy sets this task, the cost will be greatly inflated, and hundreds of thousands of agendas and payroll personnel will be added to the plan.

X space It is difficult to say whether there will be great success in the future Building rockets and going into space are dangerous things. The current media atmosphere can cause any fatal accident. By current standards, twentieth century flying machines will not develop because people will get hurt.

But what I can tell you is,X space The reason why it can gain an advantage in the field of rocket technology is mainly becauseMusk got to the heart of the problem and insight into how to overcome it.In addition, the company’s coherent and coordinated policies create an advantage, all of which are aimed at getting objects into orbit at the lowest possible cost.

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