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NFC East Outlook: the best player in each offensive position in 2020

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Looking ahead to the 2020 NFL season, where Philadelphia Eagles“Does he have the best talent in every position? More importantly, how do they compare to their NFC East rivals?

Every year, I do my best to predict the best player in the East at each position for attack and defense. As it matters more, we will begin this year’s experience with the offense. Here’s how the list comes off …

Note: recruits are not eligible, * = repeat selection from 2019

It’s just a catch; it can’t hurt you.

Looking back before 2019, we think Prescott was the best quarterback is simple.

Use of key metrics PFF’s QB Annual, analyzes show that Prescott was significantly better than Carson Wentz from a clean pocket, produced more positive games, avoided negative games, was more often on target, had a better adjusted completion percentage and was more effective in the third third.

The areas where Wentz scored higher, such as under pressure and with big shots, are much tighter. Prescott thus ranked higher as a passer (13th against 18th) and added value as a quality runner. It’s not just PFF Is. DVOA, QBR, QB Rating, ANY / A, etc. favor Prescott.

The almighty film also favors Prescott. He was the more consistent of the two, hitting the proverbial ceiling and avoiding the ground more than Wentz.

With all of these factors, Prescott leaning on the burden of proof, it would be up to me to plead Wentz’s case, if I did, and not the other way around. Even Vegas has the chances of favoring Prescott to be MVP on Wentz. I will still try to explain my rationale while providing as much context as possible.

Where it went wrong for Wentz, it wasn’t sharp drop in leverage at the end of the matches. In fact, I thought he was playing better for the start of the season than many thought.

Beyond a bad habit of groping, Wentz’s problem shines the hardest on three big mid-season games. The first tilt against Dallas in week 7 was a truly appalling performance that saw the Eagles and Wentz falter early and never go there. This was followed soon after by two consecutive games against the Patriots and Seahawks where he looked mentally dejected as the situation around him collapsed.

Wentz should get credit for the rebound and end of the season with 10 touchdowns and 1 interception in the last 5 games for drag his team to the playoffs. I would say it was more impressive from a leadership perspective than an execution point of view. For example, during this stretch, he never played DVOA passes ranked defense above 23rd. the giants and dolphins Arrived at the 31st and 32nd respectively, and they represent three of these five meetings.

Prescott’s worst game came at a great time too, but it was a shoulder injury who limited him against the Eagles in week 16. Like Wentz, Prescott suffered from a plethora of drops, leading the league by a wide margin with 43. His receivers had 5 against the Eagles in this one game, leaving Prescott angry without the support to triumph in the inevitable divisional confrontation.

Apart from this late failure in Philadelphia, you only have one shaky road performance against the Patriots as games where Prescott appeared noticeably short by its own fact. Even then, it never reached the lows Wentz repeatedly reached in 2019.

Projecting until 2020, the situation is a key factor in the success of the quarterback and these two are no different. The Eagles are in their third cycle of “Weapons for Wentz” and their third cycle of offensive coaches under Doug Pederson. It probably can’t be worse in terms of support for Wentz, but there is a a lot of unknown about how it all comes together.

The Cowboys made a key decision in the low season in retain offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. It would have been a huge mistake to leave the young brain behind 2nd DVOA offense classified walk and the Cowboys finally made the right decision. They too locked in Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb stole in the 2020 NFL Draft.

In terms of “stability plus” – a term I coined earlier – Prescott has the advantage while Wentz will need much better health around him and new ideas to integrate well with new additions. A place where the Eagles have the advantage is the offensive line, as we will see later in this piece. It’s not nothing.

If their surrounding circumstances click, the two quarters have already shown the potential to play as the best 10 quarters or better. This is probably the third time I have changed my answer to this topic over the years, but gun in my head, I would say Prescott has the best shot of being a top quarterback in 2020.

Missing games with a sprained ankle that hampered him even after his return to action, Barkley was not as productive as Ezekiel Elliot as a runner or Miles Sanders as a receiver. Never mind; Barkley is clearly the most dangerous back in the East.

The Giants continue to rebuild an offensive line that ranked worst in the East in Football Outsiders Adjusted Yard Yards two consecutive years, and maybe this is the year they give Barkley a better boost. The Giants have also started to understand how to better use Barkley as a receiver, and not just as a control lens, throughout the season, which bodes well for its projection for 2020.

WIDE RECEIVER # 1 – Amari Cooper (Cowboys) *

In the past, I have tried to distinguish X / Z receivers, but these designations matter less when you have a player like Cooper than you can move around.

the Cowboys made Cooper a 100 million dollar man out of season when they extended it by 5 years, and for good reason. Cooper is a soft, silky technician with a dirty exit game and is entering his third season of over 1,000 yards in four years. Cowboys know what life is like without him, and this skill and importance makes him the best receiver in the East.

WIDE RECEIVER # 2 – Terry McLaurin (Washington)

I’ve considered DeSean Jackson here, but the 33-year-old only played 65 shots last year. Instead, I will go with the young male McLaurin. 58-919-7 is an impressive line of stats for any rookie, not to mention the one who suffered from an irregular quarter game.

McLaurin’s 4.35-meter scorecard proved to be an immediate difference in the first game of his career, as fans of the Eagles know. His 366 deep yards and 4 deep touchdowns ranked 2nd in the East, only behind the aforementioned Cooper.

SLOT RECEIVER – Golden tate (Giants) *

There’s not really any sterling competition here, so Tate gains that by being his normal and reliable self. Tate’s production has dropped slightly in recent years, but if he’s ready to play for all 16 games, the most productive slot goal remaining in the East will likely continue to contribute at a decent level.

One interesting thing to watch is how much the Eagles use DeSean Jackson from the slot. He traveled 47.5% of his routes in 2019, although with a limited sample. With the addition of Jalen Reagor, the Eagles could choose to send one or the other of them to scream seams regularly.

END TIGHT – Zach Ertz (Eagles) *

It has been a single horse race for some time. If someone is going to challenge Ertz for the Eastern throne, it won’t come from outside the Eagles.

Since entering the league in 2013, among his teammates, Ertz is 1st in the NFL in receptions (525), 2nd in yards (5743) and tied for 5th in touchdowns (35). He also played in 95% of his 112 regular-season games.

Left tackle – Tyron Smith (Cowboys) *

Remember what it looked like when Smith fell and the Cowboys had to play Chaz Green in its place? Adrian Clayborn certainly, and I imagine Dak Prescott also done. The Cowboys offense tends to go on as Smith goes, and when he gets 100% banged or not, there are serious knock-on effects.

Persistent problems persist Black-smith recently, but until he has executed his shield, I have no reason to believe that there is someone in the East who is approaching his level of elite play.

Left Guard vs. Right Guard in the East is like choosing Hot Pocket flavors against steak and lobster. I thought of going with Will hernandez Giants, as he certainly has the highest cap in the peloton, but he was fairly uneven until 2019.

Outside a game start where Grady Jarrett ate his lunch, Seumalo turned out to be a reliable replacement level starter inside. PFF sees it the same way, ranking Seumalo as a top left goalkeeper in 2019. It’s a win for Howie Roseman, who spent the last season Seumalo extended until 2022 on a extremely user-friendly.

With Travis Frederick Retreat, Kelce’s main competition for first place is irrelevant and Kelce stands head and shoulders above the others.

Kelce, 32, endured another season, recording 100% of the teams’ offensive shots. As Bo wulf well documented for The Athletic, Tenacity of Kelce is the business of superheroes.

“Kelce has played the most or the second highest number of offensive snaps in the regular season of any NFL player, depending on whether you count the penalties. He did it with a buttock hip, a bald shoulder, a painful back, broken hands and barking feet. And because lingering pain is a fundamental working condition for playing football in life, Kelce was only listed on the Eagles’ injury report once all season – when he missed a Wednesday training for “personal reasons”. In this case, the birth of his daughter. “- Bo wulf, The Athletic

The only thing that can slow Kelce … is retirement? Fortunately for the Eagles, he grew back at least another year.

When Brooks tore his Achilles on January 13, 2019, the feeling was that the Eagles could be without their right guard to start the 2019 season. Instead, Brooks recovered at lightning speed and shocked everyone by avoid PUP list at the start of training camp in July.

It only got better for Brooks, who had his best season as a pro. Cowboys Zack Martin was my choice last year, and could be my choice next year, but for now Brooks is the reigning champion on guard after a truly incredible season.

When PFF crowned the Eagles as best offensive line in 2019, Johnson was a big reason for this.

“To the right tackle, Lane johnson was again one of the best in the league in a solid season for straight tackle, but he missed time playing in just 12 games. In those games, he only gave up one bag and scored 92.6, the best score of any lineman in any position this season. The Eagles were a distinctly different unit up front when Johnson played. “- Sam Monson, PFF

Johnson makes four of the five online offensive spots going to the Eagles as peaks in the East. Winning the war in the trenches week after week allows the Eagles to be competitive against any enemy and Johnson is a big reason for this.


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