NIGO as the cover character, the 30th issue of “HYPEBEAST Magazine” is officially returning

After being temporarily suspended in 2020, “HYPEBEAST Magazine” has been quiet for a while, and finally officially returns with the new 30th issue of “The Frontiers Issue” this time. This issue, which features NIGO on the cover, aims to explore a world that is very different from the past, a place with multiple realities that have been expanded or disintegrated in some way over time.

In addition to the broad prospects of NIGO’s continued cultural influence, Raf Simons’ return to his original intentions and Chance the Rapper’s beginning to devote himself to art, etc., can be seen in their exclusive interviews. It then goes a step further by focusing on the stories of brands such as Peter Do, Teezo Touchdown Oliver Sim Devon Turnbull, RTFKT and more to gain insight into new thinking in art, fashion, design and entertainment.

Whether it’s a case of rebirth after a meltdown, or diving into a new world never seen before, the latest issue of HYPEBEAST Magazine showcases the combination of what’s on the cutting edge and what’s new. “HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 30: The Frontiers Issue” is now available on HBX, and interested readers may wish to purchase it now.

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