Ning Kulsatree explains her thoughts on various diseases she has come across. discouraged but must smile At least he was still breathing.

It must be accepted for a long time for a former female protagonist Ning Kulsatree Before that, he was seriously ill with bone marrow deficiency and other symptoms that followed. Recently, he has come out to tell the story of the illness he encountered and the rapid deterioration of the eye gel that happened two weeks ago until he had to come out. to vent his heart. where he wrote a message saying:

• When you have a bone marrow deficiency that does not produce platelets (Aplastic Anaemia)
Get well late, no need to be a month It may be leukemia or simply called Pre-Leukemia, but today it treats people with leukemia. Give 8 courses of intravenous medicine, but you can’t reach him. Only 4 courses because of infection. and have complications every time You have to take chemotherapy drugs every day. Having had to wait for blood tests every month for the rest of my life, with the Ajarn Dr Ekphan Khrupong, he brought life back to breathe cold again. including various complications For example, after giving chemotherapy on the last 6th day of the 1st course

• One of the complications is digestive tract tear and gastric perforation I was also lucky to have Dr Jirawat Sawangsri who took the time to heal. By letting the body heal itself, it’s amazing!! without gastric surgery!! So far, able to eat or live a normal life. But be very careful…

• Symptoms of a depressive disorder follow without knowing. But fortunately, Dr. Teerasak (psychiatrist) consulted him and gave him medicine according to the symptoms. I am very sick this time.
Dr. Ekaphan also teases that Khun Ning is using the doctor’s teacher!! No, he’s not a doctor, he’s a waste of money!! Including the eyes with a total of about 13-14 people made Ning back to be a new person today.

• But yesterday, there were some nonsense things to worry about. I thought about it almost 2 weeks ago The jelly in the eye started to deteriorate faster than usual. It is like the one already copied. Side effects of blood disease, eye pressure, blood seeping out from inside the right eye When looking, it looks like there is a wavy stain, water in the middle of the eye. Next appointment is around 6 weeks.

• Try to take a deep breath and think about.. at least the veins aren’t bursting. make it look black

• But do you understand? Being a human being is rather depressing. In some diseases that don’t tell anyone Smile happily for yourself and everyone but didn’t survive yesterday you had to take anti-depressants, sleeping pills since noon. Until I forgot to take the drug to suppress the immune system (target therapy), which is very necessary!!
Wake up at 8pm, shower, take medicine and go back to sleep. So today
#What are you complaining about?
# Smile widely and say to yourself
#At least I’m still breathing
and have a husband by his side all the time
#Ning is not old and strong all the time.
#Husband crying pity’

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